South Park Creators Face Death Threats By Radical Muslims?





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Published on Apr 24, 2010

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Clip edited by Andrew Napier. May 20th is Everybody Draw Muhammad Day on Facebook which is sparking a controversy. Recently Jon Stewart of The Daily show and Bill Maher of Real Time have discussed these issues.

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Jesse Welch
I don't know what the problem is with radicals these days.  It is not uncommon to make fun of Jesus or jewish people in the media but if so much as make an animated depiction of Muhammed, it is a huge offense.  If anything, we all need to flood the media and internet with our own depictions of Mohammed just to break them into the fact that it is going to happen.
I swear to Potato that if you insult my religion of Potato I will shove a spud up your nose.Potato bless you.
Dumb ass Muslims can't take a joke. South Park is the best TV show ever!
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Chuck Norris
fuck muslims they are pieces of shit 
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yes they are trash
No. They are victims of the religion called Islam.
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douchebag Indras
There are Jesus in South Park and Family guy, but christians doesnt give a shit. Whats wrong with these oversized ball radical muslims ?
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Bill The Bull Gates
+douchebag Indras Oh believe me christians have lost their shit over southpark many many times but not to the same degree i think ^^
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Nick Joslin
The good ole' days when TYT wasn't afraid to call Islam on its bullshit.
Shane Wareham
That's the most logic i've heard in a long time..
Matt and Trey are NOT MUSLIMS!!! They don't have to follow your BULLSHIT laws! Could some Muslim answer this for me? On a very fundamental level, what is wrong with drawing a stick figure and calling it the prophet muhammad?
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An ex-muslim guy
+ChickenSandwch do we know each other?
An ex-muslim guy
+HerbSuperb44 same thing as drugging you cutting of your penis and feeding it to you.(muslim mentality)
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SaiyanZ Rage
back before TYT became regressives
Liam J
Freedom of expression is a fundamental part of the U.S and western democracies. This is one of the few examples where the 'if you don't like America then you can just giiiiit out!' argument actually makes sense. If you can't deal with it, go live in a backward Muslim theocracy, which unfortunately there are still many of.
Fuck you Muhammed i'm gonna draw a picture of you swallowing cum 
An ex-muslim guy
+Caltack8 very immature,but for fucks sake do whatever you want.
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