27 -- The evidence for climate change WITHOUT computer models or the IPCC





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Published on May 9, 2013

CORRECTION at 8:10 -- Solar output was around 4% weaker during the Cambrian-Ordovician 'greenhouse' period, not 6% (Ref "The faint young sun problem" - Georg Feulner, American Geophysical Union Review of Geophysics, 2012). This does not change the challenge to explain why the Earth was much hotter than today when the sun was much weaker than today.

SOURCES are listed in the next video, because of space constraints. Predictable posts are answered here:

"Correlation does not mean causation"
No, of course not. Scientists don't just see a correlation and assume causation, they look at the mechanism and what's called the 'correlation coefficient', which quantifies the chances of a correlation being mere coincidence. The correlation coefficient of the CO2-temperature link over the past 500 million years shows that the link is too strong to be a coincidence. And of course the mechanism is known and understood. So while this is not "proof" of a link -- there's no such thing with any scientific theory -- it is yet another piece of evidence.

"Of course skeptics [sic] accept that CO2 warms the atmosphere,
We just don't think the warming will be catastrophic."

Answer: "Skeptics" have all kinds of positions on climate science, depending on their personal beliefs and feelings. This video addresses those critics who claim there is no evidence for the link between CO2 and global temperature. Whether you want to call such changes "catastrophic" or benign, or terrible, or bad, or good is your feeling, and therefore outside the scope of the science.

"Correlation does not mean causation."

Answer: It is still coinsistent with the theory. And where a mechanism has been shown that should produce a correlation, then the correlation is yet more confirmation that a theory is correct.

"Here's a piece of evidence -- there's no hot spot"

Apart from the fact that this 'no hot spot' idea is another piece of Internet mythology, the idea of the 'hot spot' is based on a computer model. If you think computer models are all wrong, then the lack of a hot spot must be wrong.

And critics -- please try to address the evidence shown in this video, rather than repeat myths that have been dealt with in my previous videos. If you're not sure, check them out:

"Warming is due to galactic rays/cosmic rays/the sun"
See: 2. Climate Change -- the objections 20 - Are cosmic rays causing global warming? Monckton bunkum Part 5 -- What, MORE errors, my lord? 1. Climate Change -- the scientific debate

"There was a consensus about global cooling in the 1970s"
See: 3 - Climate Change -- Anatomy of a myth

"There's been no warming since 1998."
See: 8. Climate Change -- Has the Earth been cooling? 8a. Climate Change - Phil Jones and the 'no warming for 15 years' 24 - Global warming has stopped? Again??

"The climate always changes"
See: 8. 5. Climate Change -- isn't it natural? Climate Change -- Has the Earth been cooling? Monckton Bunkum Part 3 - Correlations and Himalayan glaciers

"31,000 scientists disagree"
See: 9. Climate Change - Meet the Scientists

"We're headed for another ice age"
See: 10. Climate Change - An imminent ice age debunked 21 - "Earth facing mini-ice age!!" say the media. Now for the science....

"Global warming will cause more hurricanes"
See: 11. Climate Change -- Hurricanes, atolls and coral

"A recent study found that warming will be just 1.64 degrees"
See: 12 - 'Doubled CO2 means just 1.64 degrees of warming...' or maybe not.

"Global warming is drowning islands "
See: 13 - Misleading media reports on sea level rise - a case study 11. Climate Change -- Hurricanes, atolls and coral

"Global warming will bring an end to snow in the UK"
See: 14 - BP oil spills and an end to snow

"Greenland/arctic ice is not melting"
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"There is very little amplification due to CO2 rise"
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"There is no correlation between CO2 and temperature in the past"
See: 5. Climate Change -- isn't it natural? Monckton Bunkum Part 3 - Correlations and Himalayan glaciers

"Himalayan glaciers are not melting."
See: Monckton Bunkum Part 3 - Correlations and Himalayan glaciers

"[So-and-so] said...."
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"It's been shown that climate scientists engaged in fraud"
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"The Medieval Warm Period proves...."
See: 23 -- Medieval Warm Period -- fact vs. fiction

"CO2 always lags temperature rise"
See: 25 - Climate Change -- The "800-year lag" unravelled

"CO2 makes up only a tiny fraction of the atmosphere"
"I don't believe it"
See: 26 -- Science vs. the Feelies

"Evidence never convinces me, I believe whatever I hear in my head."
See: A psychiatrist


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