Where, How and Why India is a super power part (2 of 2)





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Published on Sep 29, 2009

this video informs that where india will be in comming years, what is the reason behind for the success of india

this is a must watch video

I did not created this video, i just found it some where on the internet. so you know? i just grabbed it.

is india truely an emerging global, economical super power?
is india truely shining?

india the feature is here.

watch the video and find out, india is truely raising in all sectors.

(india vision 2020)

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India will win at last, because they have a lot of money and can buy anything from the whole world, from even a bullet to a spaceship. Then, It will be the largest population country, Made-in-India will take the place of Made-in-China, They can even make the best quality stuff. Bollywood produce the best movie, India superior!! Jai hind
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kah miltoni
 Indian cockroaches invaded Khalistan,  Sikkim, Kashmir , Assam ....People there are fighting against them........ Free Khalistan!      Free Sikkim!      Free Assam!     Free Dravida Nadu!     Free Nagalim !     Free Kashmir!     Free Tamil!
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silent killer
India is nowhere near to superpower. fuck that superpower. look at Indian cities, roads, infras people... lack of cleanliness, dirty roads and infra, people spitting all time all over on roads, walls, shitty traffic, even by educated. compare it with chinese cities, malaysian, thailad, korean cities,, they all are way ahead of us in alll those fields. what ever we achieved, these things are dragging us 50 years back. shame on us.
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mohd. farhan patel
brrrrrrring it on ,,india rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkks
Rajesh ghosh
i dont want india to be a super power but to be hub of culture ,education , science and innovation.................but it must protect  its provinces from china and pakistan........and noting   else....
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yadlapalli marong
i love my india but .....200 cities in china atleast have one ringroad  india may have 2--4 ringroads in whole country ..beijing itslef had 5 ringroads. india have 2--4 expressways finished ..china had almost 1 lakh km of expressways, india no bullet train ,china more than 10000 km of bullet train network with double track ,indian airports are small ,china had surplus in airports , no proper houses to all in india ..china had surplus houses for more than next 20 years ,,all phones in  india are chinese,all batteries are ,refrigerators,washing machines,tv ,lcd panels,settop boxes,whatever all are from chinese, indias infrastructure if want to develop as chinese then given with indian bureaucracy,all approvals, tender making ,allotment ,financial closure,construction,approval god ....it takes 50 years if government like modi government is in power for atleast 30 years....bro just see one railway station in china ..it is more like an airport with flyovers ,everything..you will be shocked what china had done and we indians are really very far behind than our asian counter parts ..never compare with pakisthan ,,pakisthan is shit always dragging us ..china gave 50 fighter jets to pakisthan,8 submarine deal is signed.they had mutual argeement against india ...we are in danger ..in india for more than a year they are saying about smart cities in india ..while in one year we can easily finish atleast 10 smart cities with 10 lakh pop each if we use our human capital ...indians are slaves for arabs ,,,dont say pakisthanis,bangladeshis are also working ,,before 50 years they belong to our country only ,,we have capability but divided ,used against us by chinese ... used to work in saudi as slaves..hope you educate few more around you ..yet indians are not given any respect in almost all countries ....my classmate jashwanth singh stole a bottle in club in china ,,,they had video cameras every where .they find him ...indians are not allowed to paramount in yangzhou city china,....this is what indians are treated in foreign countries ...
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Nitin S
bull shit.. india provides low cost dirt cheap employees and that is the only reason why these people are coming to india... india is only producing graduates who are good for nothing.... d only talent indians have is their command over english....
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Once india clears the slums and gives housing to the hundreds of millions in squalor and after it has cleaned its railway tracks and bus stops and establishes restrooms in every railway station, only then will India be considered a global power. Just kidding but you get my point!
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India superpower had to beg oversea indian to remit foreign currency back because Indian rupee was collapsing so severely. China GDP growth produces a new India every 1.5 years. That's how far India is lagging behind China.
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Deepshikha Soni
Dear friends instead of giving this negative reaction Or blaming our culture, politicians etc.    the power which has been given to a common ppl or  us which we ppl doesnt follow. so make better first urslef contribute your responsibility and then try to do the same to other...so you fucking ppl aroud should know that this is the place where u have been born and bought up... Proud to be INDIAN. @ slient killer what possible thing you have done to make better India m sure nothg just siting and opening your fucking mouth to abuse ur place. hope u were more foused in studies  
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