Austin&Ally Love Story S3 Ep.1 *Getting Caught&Fighting Mr.Dawson* (Season Premiere)





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Published on Sep 1, 2012

Last Time/Season

1D-It's everything about you!
1D-Happy Birthday Ally! (play What Makes You Beautiful)
Austin-(sighs and goes to Ally)Ally I have something to tell you
Ally-(smiles)Ok go ahead!
Austin-Allyson Dawson.......I love you
Ally-(shocked)You what?


Austin-(freaking out, laughs nervously)Nothing! I didn't say a word! Did I say I love? I meant....uh...
Ally-(smiles)Austin calm down!
Austin-(takes a deep breath)
Ally-I love you too
Austin-(smiles and kisses her)
Ally-(kisses back)
Mr.Dawson-Well isn't that nice?
Auslly-(pull away)
Ally-Dad I-
Mr.Dawson-Can explain? Go ahead
Austin-I'll explain it Ally. You see Mr. Dawson, Ally and I were kissing because we were practicing a play for Broadway. It's called, "I Love You"
Mr.Dawson-(glares at Austin)Nice try
Ally-(also glaring at Austin, uses sarcasm)You come up with the best excuses!
Austin-I try (shrugs)
Ally-What are you doing here anyway dad? You're suppose to be at a convention!
Mr.Dawson-Yes, I am, but I decided to surprise you. You see Ally, Trish told me she was doing this party for you, so me, being the amazing dad I am, decided to come here and surprise my daughter!
Ally-Well, um......thanks for the surprise...
Mr.Dawson-Nice try Ally. We'll talk about this after your party. Right now I have to get 20 autographs from One Direction and sell them each for 50 dollars! (leaves)
Ally-What are we gonna do Austin! He's going to forbid me from even looking you up online!
Austin-Wow, he's that strict?
Austin-I don't get it though. Why doesn't he like me? I mean, when you were dating Zac, he said he prefers me going out with you than him!
Ally-I don't get why he likes you either! Tell you what, I don't think we'll talk today since we'll arrive home late so tomorrow, you come over and we'll talk. K?
Austin-Got it! But for now, let's enjoy your party!
The Next Day
Ally-(wakes up to the sound of screaming)What the heck? (goes downstairs)What's goi-
Mr.Dawson-You are NOT allowed to date Ally or see her ever again! Understood!?
Austin-Sir, let me just expl-
Mr.Dawson-Leave right now!
Austin-But Mr. Dawson-
Mr.Dawson-Leave now!
Austin-You don't understand! I love Ally!
Mr.Dawson-I said LEAVE! (punches him)You don't lover her you liar! You're just using her for fame!
Ally-DAD! (runs to Austin)That's not true!
Mr.Dawson-Shut up Ally! I let you hang out with him as friends but you went behind my back and still went out with him!
Austin-(holding his cheek)
Ally-Why can't I date him!
Mr.Dawson-Because he's a jerk! I'm protecting you!
Ally-From what!? Being with the guy I love?
Mr.Dawson-(get pissed, slaps her)You don't love him!
Ally-(tears in her eyes)
Austin-(mad)Don't you dare touch her! (gets up and is about to punch him)
Mr.Dawson-(punches him again)
Ally-Leave him alone! (goes to Austin)Are you ok? (comforts Austin)
Mr.Dawson-(gets even more mad, grabs Austin)
Ally-Leave him alone! Stop it dad!(trying to help Austin)
Mr.Dawson-(pushes him out the door)
Mr.Dawson-(pushes Ally back)
Ally-(falls to the floor)Ow!
Mr.Dawson-GOOD-BYE! (slams the door on him)
Ally-(tears falling down her face)WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM!?
Mr.Dawson-Shut up and go up to your room!
Ally-NO! Why are you doing this!?
Mr.Dawson-I SAID GO UP TO YOUR ROOM! (grabs her wrist hard and pulls her up)
Ally-OW! Stop! You're hurting me!
Mr.Dawson-(keeps pulling her up to her room)
Ally-Stop it!
Mr.Dawson-(pushes her into her room)You are NOT getting out of this room at all for a long time! Understood?!
Mr.Dawson-Shut up! I'm leaving to a convention but I WILL be back tomorrow afternoon! I'm gonna deactivate your phone right now at the store, that way you can't contact anyone! House phone isn't working so you have no way of contacting anyone! Think about what you did you little bitch! (slams her door)
Ally-(screams)I HATE YOU!
Mr.Dawson-(feels hurt but ignores it)
Ally-(sobbing, grabs her phone and texts Austin)
~Text Conversation~
Ally-My dad is going to deactivate my phone. Come to my house in 20 minutes, he won't be here until tomorrow afternoon! I have to tell you something. K?
Austin-Got it! I'll be there in 20 minutes......love you xox
Ally-(: love you too xoxx
~End of Conversation~
30 minutes later
Austin-(enters through the balcony)I'm here
Ally-(runs to him,hugs Austin and kisses him)
Austin-(hugs her back and examines her)Are you ok? Did he hurt you after I left?
Ally-(shakes her head)
Austin-Are you sure?
Austin-What's up? What did you want to tell me?
Ally-(takes a deep breath)Let's run away
I love this episode. It was fun to write!

Comments • 12

Jadeee Rex
her dad is such an asshole wtf! He was sooo nice at first now its like the devil inside is possessing him *yes I believe in possession does anyone have a problem with that!* I just want to murder her fucking dad!!!!!! SORRY FOR THE MEAN LANGUAGE ABOUT HER DAD!!!!!!!
imma kick her dads ass btw loved it
Yeah. Have you watched weekend with cimorelli, coz lauren and lisa records their singing and its amazing. I have to say in as long as u love me lisa was the best:D
Sierra G.G
This is like the shake spear play
Now that you mentioned it....that is so true! I never planned for it to be like that! And I've seen it before! I love Dani's rapping!
This story is kinda like justin biebers music video as long as you love me. Check out cimorelli's version!
@berilover I LOVE JB he is just AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! I jut wish I could go to his concert when he comes over here!!!! ::
I do too! :D
Another thing I LOOOVVVVEEE THAT SONG!!!!!!! :D
OH MY GOSH!!!!! Austin take Ally and RUNRUN FAR FAR FAAARRRRRRR AWAY!!!!!!!!!
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