3 Biggest Mistakes People Make in Their Diets - Dr. John McDougall





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Published on Feb 12, 2012

Created by Jeff Golfman http://jeffgolfman.com of the Cool Vegetarian http://thecoolvegetarian.com and The Raw Office http://rawoffice.com.

In this short video interview, Dr McDougall shares his strategies for avoiding the biggest mistakes that people make in their diets. Dr. McDougall is the founder and medical director of the nationally renowned McDougall Program, a ten-day, residential program located at a luxury resort in Santa Rosa, CA -- a place where medical miracles occur through proper diet and lifestyle changes.

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Dr. McDougall is the author of several national bestsellers including: The McDougall Plan: 12 Days to Dynamic Health, McDougall's Medicine: A Challenging Second Opinion, The McDougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss, The New McDougall Cookbook, The McDougall Program for Women, and his latest ground breaking book, The McDougall Program for a Healthy Heart.

Music Courtesy of Sheena Grobb (www.sheenagrobb.com)

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Katie Kookaburra
Katie Loss
I've met Dr. McDougall and he is one of the most vibrant, sharp-minded, youthful, healthy looking men I've met.  This video, sadly shot with a yellowish wall in the back would make anyone look less than rosy.  Dr. McDougall has worked hands on with over 6,000 patients, gotten the vast majority of them off their medications, and saved lives through his 40 years of work in nutrition research and using starch based plant diet as a first line of defense in combatting many chronic illnesses. In fact, today Oct. 21, 2014, Nutrition Journal just published his latest study of 1,615 McDougall patients.  The uninformed, knee jerk reactions in many of the comments below are just plain silly, defensive, and sadly ignorant of what the science says.  Dr. McDougall, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr. Neal Barnard, and Scientist T Colin Campbell have decades of peer reviewed nutritional research between them to substantiate their advocacy of starch based, whole food, plant based, no oil diets.  The hard science is in on this topic. Every week, more and more physicians are recognizing this.   Even the new president of the American College of Cardiology, Dr. Kim A. Williams now advocates this diet. 
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so flaxseed oil is bad too :/
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Funny thing is that people seem to think that if you are thin you can eat whatever you like as long as you stay thin. I talked to a cardio surgeon and he said that he get's many that looks like they were marathon runners with almost no body fat but their blood vessels were all clogged. Abusing the body by eating crap will make bad things happen even if your body doesn't store an excess amount of fat from it...
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Daily Vegan Vlogs
"If you care so much about animals or the environment and you want others to go vegan, demonstrate excellent health." The doctor is all about health, I'm all about the planet and animals. And they go together so so very well!! Yay!
Jade Cleveland
Gotta love McDougall!
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Meat Free Athlete
Great info here!
Jenni Walker
I eat how dr. Mcdougall suggests however I am wondering why he he says oil is no longer a food because it has been extracted and is no longer In whole form, yet goes on to say that salt and sugar are ok.. When these are also not whole sources and are no longer a "food", this just occurred to me now... 
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Jul ofDenial
My question to cooks, chefs, vegans, anyone: what have you found to replace olive oil for pastas and other foods that stick together? I use olive oil in small doses and eat a lot of mixed nuts and I still lose weight. When I cut out added fats last year, my weight dropped to 94 lbs. My brain went into survival mode and drove me crazy with cravings for processed (high-fat, calorie dense) food all the time. This time around, I'm listening to my body and keeping it real. I need fat in my diet or people will think I'm anorexic again.
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Traian Constantin
Well after going HCFL Hole food plant based diet (McDougall style) for 2 weeks and having my metabolism fucket up, feeling cold all the time, lack of energy, sleep patterns fucket (waking up at 3 am every other night) up and complete loss of morning wood and sex drive here i am back on the omnivorous diet. I'm a so called "lessmeatarian". And it wasn't the "shock" taken by my body, I went on the HCFL HFPB diet after a period of transition when i gradually replaced animal foods with plant foods. And it wasn't the lack of calories to blame ... i was eating 3-4 meals per day: big plates with startches, legumes, vegs etc. Also ate fruits. Also little salt and no noil, no sugar, no coffee, no processed foods. After reintroducing meat (a small peace of meat one meal per day) and rarely eggs my metabolism returned to normal, i wasen't cold all the time, my sleep returned and and my morning wood returned. Looking back on it i think one of the cause for my simptoms was too little salt. We need salt. When the season is right (so that i have local fresh fruits and vegs) I will give the diet another try but this time i will not cut back on the salt. But the basic conclusion that a i've reached is that the "as long as you get your calories plants give you everything you need" story is not quite true for everyone. Different strokes for differet folks. And by the way: it wasn't an excuse to get back into meat. I dint even think about animal foods, i wasn't having any cravings and i was enjoing the food (i'm quite a potato lover) So yeah, as i sead, i eat meat but less of it, i eat eggs but once per week, i heven't reintroducet dairy yet (don't know if i will). And i feel good. I learned something very important ... better listen to my body than to the internet. What do you think? Can anyone relate?
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