Top 10 Worst Game Endings





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Published on Jul 28, 2012

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Comments • 3,940

Mass Effect 3 should be 1.
Drunk Martian
These guys barely talk about to the games and focus on terrible humor ...just explain the fucking ending. 
Ghouls n' Ghosts is even worse. There is bad grammar and misspelling in the text ending.
***ORIGINAL*** TheRealGamer!™
The Walking Dead both season has worst endings. You know why? Because it makes you cry like a bitch.
How wasn't Mass Effect #1. All the endings are essentially the same. 1. Destroy: Red color explosion, Shepard dies. 2. Control: Blue Color explosion, Shepard dies. 3. Synthesis: Green color explosion, Shepard dies. Bam
Peter Beardsley
Fk you Biowares and all the fkin gays-boy ass kissers that stick up for them. 
Jean-Francois Charbonneau
I'll try to keep things civil. Mass Effect has no business being on this list. If it wasn't for stupid people not understanding what this series was about and crying like babies because they didn't get everything wrapped up in a nice little epilogue we would never even be talking about this. You are not choosing the color of an explosion, you are choosing between controlling a massively destructive force, destroying it and merging synthetic and human life in a new form of life. And if you ask me, even this was unnecessary. Mass effect was never about choosing an ending, it was about making decisions throughout your journey to an ending that was always going to be about save the universe from the reapers. Anybody that was expecting something else... I have no clue where they got it from. It was never about how the game was going to end but about how you'd get there, who you'd side with, who would side with you, who would help you out and who would end up as a name of your wall of fallen comrades. Oh and for your information, there aren't 3 endings but about 15. And I'm talking before Bioware caved in and added the epilogue free DLC. And no, Sheppard doesn't automatically dies. http://ca.ign.com/wikis/mass-effect-3/Endings
Nyran Stanton
bla whatever, Mass Effect 3 ending was fine. Did ANYONE actually read any of the story codex in ME1 or ME2 or ME3 for that matter? ME3 ending made perfect sense. Half Life 2 and its episodes was amazing. Not releasing Half Life episode 3 made that entire Half Life 2 game unfinished however. Still waiting on Episode 3, they should at least release it, just to finish Half Life 2. I think Metal gear solid 2 overall was kind of silly and weird. The last part of the game, the player is basically running around as naked snake. Yep Rage ending was fcked, it was like they had to cut out an entire act or something. After 7 years, you would think it would be a complete game. But the end of RAGE, they either wanted to make RAGE 2, but the studio said, 7 years is to long OR they literally ran out of time or something. Cause the player could feel there was something wrong at the end of it.
The only thing i learned from this: Machinima dudes rate as bad any ending that is clearly a cliffhanger, regardless that we're about to get a sequel or not.
Tavis Jackson
Tales of Xillia 2 bad ending...
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Tavis Jackson
+itsacharcoalice More like a selfish reason :c 
+TjRoxas PO How many games have the main character turn on his party and slaughter them? You can count them on two hands.  While not a morally good ending, it was unique and an interesting what if scenario, especially since the character had a very good reason to.
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Tough Love
Persona 3 ending is pretty bad.
KrazyDragon Studios
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Woah woah woah why was the ending to reach bad? I thought it was great.
connor jensen
i agree m8
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