Fake Paul McCartney Conspiracy - True Identity Revealed





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Published on May 14, 2010

Paul is Dead, replaced by the Reptilian Villian Conspiracy
I have always thought there were something very wrong about him when i was a toddler

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This is too stupid for words.
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abby road cover , george was some kind of hippy grave digger, lol.
IslandGirl 9152
Put an end to the rumors?? Bullshit! Look at photos of Paul in 1965 and then in 1967. NOT the same man.
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Paul Aylett
Exactly. And when the Beatles were breaking up and Paul and John were fighting for control of pretty much everything and both were sniping at each other in the papers, surely John would just reveal this big hoax and kick this imposter who was standing in his way, out of the picture! Anyone who thinks John would have taken any BS from some hired lookalike simply doesn't understand John or the Beatles as a whole for that matter. Pure nonsense.
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if you play Sgt Pepper backwards, it says 'smghl, dbough., humph numph, wrggle-glmph' .I rest my case!
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Oh wow it's a good thing they were able to find a guy who could also write hits, and hits, and hits, for decades!
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george fedorcik
Very easy to put an end to this. All you need is a cig. butt or glass Paul used and get the DNA and compare with his brother Mike. Simple Right. Fools
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robert glenn
Okay, tell me how the Beatles managed to record Revolver which was released on August 5, 1966...Paul having ostensibly died on November 9,1966. The Beatles recorded Revolver from April 6 thru June 21 of 1966...Therefore, the new Paul had but five months to prepare for what I consider the best Beatle album. It's just too bizarre to consider a contest winner could walk in Paul's shoes after a mere 150 days, enter the studio with voice and bass skills identical and primary among all considerations, get it on with John Lennon who I am certain wouldn't have come within yards of one who was supposed to replace a childhood friend and close collaborator.
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This idiot has no idea that Paul was the last of them to take acid(which Paul confirmed in an interview). A strong enough dose enables people to have a "Death of the mind" which was termed this by 1 timothy Leary. This is interpreted by most who have had the experience like me as a death of the personality. This is the death that was meant by the words "Paul is Dead" &"I buried Paul" done by the Beatles on 2 separate songs. John Lilly PHD wrote a book called 'Programming & reprogramming the human bio-computer which deals with this exact subject. Did 'The Grateful Dead' call themselves that because they all knew they were terminally ill & would be dead before 2 albums were completed or because they had experienced 'The little death' or 'death of the personality & ego under the influence of the mega doses of acid which were so readily available back then? For god's sake why does anyone take the dribble so seriously re Paul physically dead???
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James Mandolare
I think it is possible that this hoax was just the Beatles trying to express their mysticism without taking flack for it. They wanted to use "death clues" as a symbol of the awakening consciousness of a new age that knows that we are all eternal beings and that consciousness exists without a body. I could be wrong but considering the whole craziness surrounding John Lennon's "We are greater than Jesus" (more popular see comment below) comment which upset him greatly, it is a possible explanation. Maybe this was John's way of getting back at the world for being ignorant and at Paul for all his sentimental "hits" and for playing the innocent while John took all the flack for being "weird"? And you vulgar commentators who say such terrible things to people for their opinions I can only say "All you need is love...and give peace a chance" for Christ's sake!
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