What You Mean To Me Ep 3





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Published on May 2, 2012

Ally-*walks in her house and closes door quickly*
Austin-*sees That Ally is already inside and just leaves home*
Ally-*goes to her room and logs in to her aim*
AllyCat212-Hey :D (Thursday,5/1/12,6:08pm)
PancakeLover123-Hey Allison.Wassup ! (Thursday,5/1/12,6:10pm)
AllyCat212-Nm just sad :( (Thursday,5/1/12,6:12pm)
PancakeLover123-Why ? Thursday,5/1/12,6:13pm)
AllyCat212-My mom is getting marry but what about my dad ? (Thursday,5/1/12,6:15pm)
PancakeLover23-You should talk to her first and see what's gonna happen.You know she has to be happy too. Thursday,5/1/12,6:16pm)
AllyCat212-I guess youre right.Thursday,5/1/12,(6:17pm)
PancakeLover123-I'm always right ;) Thursday,5/1/12,(6:19pm)
AllyCat212-Well some of the times lml.(Thursday,5/1/12,6:21pm)
Pancakelover123-Lml.well g2g my dad is calling me for something.(Thursday,5/1/12,6:23pm)
AllyCat212-k bye :) ( Thursday,5/1/12,6:24pm)*logs off*
(The Next Day,At Mrs.Greenfield Class)(Friday)
Ally-*sitting in her seat, writting down the notes*
Austin-*whispers to Vanessa*Um babe you mind if we switch seats for today ?
Vanessa-No not at all *switches seat with Austin*
Austin-*looks at Ally and whispers*Ally we got to talk
Ally-*whispers*There's nothing to talk about
Austin-*whispers*Come on Ally.
Ally-*whispers*Just leave me alone.
(After School,At The Gym)
Vanessa-So you ready Ally ?
Ally-*wearing http://www.polyvore.com/allys_try_out... guess.
Vanessa-Good cause you'r next.Break a leg.
Ally-*goes to the center of the gym**starts dancing and doing flips*
Vanessa/other Cheerleaders-*clapping*
Vanessa-*walk over*So we'll put up a list of the names and you can see if youre in or not *whispers*But you were great.Youre soo in.
Ally-*whispers*Thanks.See you next week then.
Vanessa-Ok *hugs Ally*
Austin-*walks in the gym and over to Vanessa*Hey V.
Vanessa-Hey babe *kisses him*So want to come over my house today ?
Austin-Well o *gets cut off by his phone ringing,Answers*Hello.
David-Austin where are you ??Remeber we have to go to my future wife's house
Austin-Oh My Gosh.Sorry dad i forgot.
David-It's Alright but coem home quickly and get ready.Selena is already done.
Austin-Ok i'll get there as soon as possible.
David-Ok Bye *hangs up*
Austin-*puts phone away*Sorry V,i have to go somewhere with my dad and Sel.
Vanessa-Oh ok.See you tomorrow *kisses him*
(With Ally,At Ally's House)
Ally-*walking inside*Mom,i'm home.
Teresa-Hey sweety.Um can you get dress and wear something nicer ?
Ally-Um sure.Why ?
Teresa-well remember my boyfriend/Future husband ?
Ally-Yea ?
Teresa-Well he's coming to meet you with his two children he has.
Ally-Mom !! i know i talked to you about your boyfriend and i said i was gonna accept him but 2 children ??
Teresa-I'm sure you'll get along with them.especially his daughter.
Teresa-Great Now go get dress.
Ally-*smiles*k*leaves to her room and changes into http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=46...
Teresa-*walks in*Omg you look amazing !!!
Aly-Thanks mom.you Look amazing too.
Teresa-Thanks.*hears door bell*They're here.
Ally-Well i be down in a few minutes,let me just check my aim
teresa-Ok hurry *leaves to open door*
Ally-*checking her aim*One new message *click on it and reads*
PancakeLover123-Hey.Havent talked to you for a while now.wassup.(Friday,5/2/1212,6:01pm)
AllyCat212-Hey.We talked like last night.Oh brb ttyl.(Friday,5/2/12,6:05pm)
Ally-*logs off and goes downstairs*Mom where are you ?
Teresa-In the Living room !
Ally-*walks in the living room,Shocked)AUSTIN !!!SELENA !!!
Austin/Selena-ALLY !!!
:O What's gonna happen between Austin & Ally ????
TBC EP. 4............Plz Comment :D

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