"Robert Erickson" Speech to MN Tea Party Against Amnesty





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Published on Nov 14, 2009

Update: If you enjoyed "Robert's speech," join his Facebook fan page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Robert-... . On November 14 "Robert Erickson" was introduced to the Minnesota Tea Party Against Amnesty as a Minneapolis resident concerned about illegal immigration. Sometimes the devil is in the details, as the supporters of the anti-immigrant Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform (MINN-SIR) slowly learn.

On the other hand, some of them never quite figured out that "Robert" wasn't on their side.

Transcript of the speech below.

Check out another NEW video - the full story of Robert Erickson!:


The crowd reaction is priceless and check out the weird interactions w/ the teabaggers - including one pushing a kid off his bike and more weirdness. Columbus go home!

For those who want to see an earlier video of the same speech with more context --such as crowd shots and the like-- please check out DJ Danielson's video, shot from a different vantage point, at

"Columbus Go Home!": Prepared transcript of "Robert Erickson's" speech:

Hi, my name is Robert Erickson and Im really excited to be here. Its people like all of you, and events like this that make our country great! Give yourselves a round of applause!

I just want to talk about a couple themes this afternoon because I love this country and I want to see America be the best place it can be.

Mr. Gutierrez is getting ready to propose an immigration bill in just a few short days, and we have to make sure he knows that we want a bill thats tough on immigration. Now is the time for us to stand up and make our voices heard!

In Minneapolis, where Im from, we have a huge immigrant population thats been causing a number of problems. With the economy in recession, and so many people getting laid off, and unable to find work, immigrants should not be competing for the few jobs that are out there. Its just not fair to the folks who have a claim to this land and the right to be here. All across America, they are contributing to the flooding of our job markets making it hard for Americans to find jobs. Well Im fed up and its time to let our politicians know that enough is enough, and were not gonna take it any more!

We need to secure our borders to protect our country. We need to restore order and put an end to the anarchy thats sweeping the nation. We need tougher immigration laws to make sure that we send these people back where they came from. We need to protect the sovereignty of the real Americans. We need to hold our politicians accountable.

Its no secret that with an invasion of immigrants, comes waves of crime. We see them involved in massive theft, in murder, and bringing diseases like smallpox, which is responsible for the death of millions of Americans. These arent new problems though, they have been going on for hundreds of years, and continue to this day.

I say its time for us to say enough is enough! Are you with me? Are you with me? Lets send these European immigrants back where they came from! I dont care if they are Polish, Irish, English, Italian, or Norwegian! European immigrants are responsible for the most violent and heinus crimes in the history of the world, including genocide and slavery! Its time to restore the sovereignty of people native to this land! I want more workplace raids, starting with the big banks downtown. There are thousands of illegals working in those buildings, hiding in their offices, and taking Dakota jobs. Let's round them up and ship them out. Then we need to hit them at home where they sleep, I dont care if we separate families, they should have known better when they came here illegally!

If we aren't able to stand up to these European immigrants, who can we stand up to? We need to send every one of them back home, right now.

Thank you very much, and well see you in the streets!

Columbus go home! Columbus go home! Columbus go home!


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