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Published on May 14, 2012

In today's morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (Swamiji) shares his experience of the revival of Madurai Adheenam, downloaded from the Akashic Records and interpreted for our understanding. When Shiva left the Planet Earth the spiritual climate became degraded. This happens after the departure of an enlightened master; corruption sets in and the crystalline purity of the founding vision is lost. At the time just before the adheenam was revived, a group of Jain monks held the religious power. Paramahamsa distinguishes between power, which is something added to us from outside, and energy, which dwells within us innately. The Jains offered many practices for enlightenment, but they missed the ultimate technique for raising consciousness: the development of sacred sentiments, the feeling connection with divinity. When Gnanasambandhar accepted the invitation from the queen of those days to revive Madurai Adheenam, the Jains were abashed. They saw that their spirituality was incomplete and that they could not offer a true road to enlightenment. Gnanasambandhar completely embodied the bhakti of love for the divine.

Today, I will describe the exact scene of the revival of Madurai Aadhenam. There was a time, arrogant, intellectual; but not intelligent, cunning; but not compassionate; experimenting; but not experienced, few monks from the perverted Jainic tradition (please understand not the real Jain tradition. The real Jainism is a powerful spiritual tradition). In course of time, the perverted , diverted Jaina tradition, few so called priests and monks have evolved who have started only using the wealth and the tradition to fulfill their own ends; who are not honest, authentic or sincere or integrated. Whenever a Living Master leaves the body, the inevitable corruption, perversion which happens in the tradition, has happened to Jainism also at that time. So, few Jain monks very influential but not impressive; powerful but not energetic. Understand, 'power' means , the capacity which comes to you after something from outside is added. Energy means the capacity which comes to you without anything from outside. 'Powerful' but not 'Energetic'; having the status of a leader; but not the state of leadership. Those few fellows were ruling the country and misguiding the king; poor king ; unfortunately, because no other option, he was also obeying them, listening; and these few perverted priests and preachers slowly, slowly started grabbing the whole country. The very growth of the country started getting disturbed and destroyed, detracted by these few Jain monks.

The Queen of the king, wife of the king, Mangaikarasiyar, a great lady, woman, stature of a sage, still worshiped in all Hindu temples of South India as one of the enlightened saints of Saiva tradition. I can imagine how she would've looked, how she would've been, lived, how she would've been living, thinking; a saintly person, highly evolved devotee of Shiva, Mahadeva. She started getting worried, she started having a deep concern for the country and citizens. Please understand, those days, rulers were very concerned about the conscious evolution of the citizens also, not just food, clothes, education and infrastructure of the country, No! Consciousness of the country was also very important for them . What you believe is more important than what you eat, or what you drive and where you live. What you believe as life is important than the car you drive, the house you live, the salary you receive, the language you speak or the food you eat, the dress you wear. What you believe as life is too precious to be lost with some fools.

So, Mangaikarasiyar was highly worried, she slowly started feeling suffocated to be in the palace and unable to do anything for the conscious growth of the citizens. She herself was a highly evolved saint, but as you know, wives are never heard, nor respected, can never be accepted especially by a King. For a King to listen to his wife, Queen was too much!! For a King! His name is Goon Pandian because he had a bent back. In Tamil the bent back is called 'goon'. Of course he was surrounded by goons, so, in a way, the name fits in English and Tamil both! His back was bent, he was not ready to listen to Mangaikarasiyar, the Queen. She tried her best to convince Goon Pandian.

The complete consciousness growth can happen only if emotion also evolves. Please understand, the key difference between the Jainism practiced at that time and the Saivisim, is the sacred sentiments for emotional evolvement. Please understand, Jainisim had literally everything Saivism had; Vedic tradition had. They had yoga, they had tapas, they had meditation, they had everything. For the growth of the body; yoga, for the growth of the mind; meditation; for the growth of the consciousness; Enlightenment. All Concepts were available, even in those days in Jainism, but for the growth of consciousness, the sacred sentiments;


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