SLO Cops use Excessive Force on a Mentally Ill Homeless man!





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Published on Oct 18, 2012

I didn't shoot this video to enter it into any popularity contests. I was busy on unstable ground, working on something when the incident that occured was a spur of the moment thing. I never said I was a professional videographer. I just grabbed my camera when I saw that something was about to happen. So enough with the juvinile comments, and threats to take ME to the ground! Grow up!!!

At 5:21 PM, a SLOPD officer is seen making contact with a mentally ill man known as "Richard". Richard hardly speaks any english, but is always trying to talk to people, but never stops. No one has ever thought Richard as dangerous or threatening. After the first officer arrives, we, the witnesses could hear sirens, and sure enough another patrol car arrives, then another one with their lights flashing. In total, there were about 6 police cars, including two Supervisor officers. There are several witness with video cameras showing the conduct of the officers, but I may have been the only one to have caught the actual take down which was unprovoked. The other witnesses, also stated that the arrest was unprovoked.
Upon arrival of the officers, Richard was pacing back and forth on the sidewalk, as if waiting for a ride, something he does everynight. Richard did not make any threatening moves or gestures, when the officers suddenly jumped him and threw him to the ground!

According to SLOPD, Richard was "trespassing" on the homeless shelter property, when the shelter staff called the police to tell him to stop coming around, and has a "criminal" record and outstanding warrants, but a month ago, and on Oct. 17, when police made contact with him not to camp behind a building, or just observed him on 10-17, no officer made any attempts to arrest him. Or at any time when they patrolled McMillan. Also, according to SLOPD, they asked him to take his hands out of his pockets, but Richard does not understand!

Again, there are several witnesses, who know that Richard is mentally challenged and never felt threatened by him in any manner, including the ladies who work in the office where the incident occurred.

SLOPD is getting out of control! This needs to be stopped! It's time someone starts watching the cops!

This video is unedited.

After SLOPD left, I came to learn why the cops made contact with Richard in the first place. According to a couple witnesses, Richard has been banned from the Maxine Lewis Memorial Shelter, for "harassing" the clients. Richard was not harassing anyone, but talking to one man. A shelter staff member saw Richard, and immediately proceeded to call police, however, the friend of Richard told the staff member that he would take Richard around the corner, then told Richard to wait around the corner, and that he would bring him a plate. Richard was in fact far off shelter property, waiting for some food. I also came to find out that Richard is no mentally ill, but mentally challenged. It is because of Richard's mental capacity that he does not understand when you tell him to "go away" or "shut up", as Richard has a tendency to start talking and never stop, despite people getting angry with him. The shelter considers Richard's non-stop talking as "Harassment"! Yet, everyone that knows Richard, knows that he is not violent. He does not abuse drugs, he does not drink, nor does he even smoke cigarettes. How can a mentally challenged man, from a strange country, be such a threat just standing there, and be "body slammed" to the ground as another witness stated. All those I have talked to, all said the same thing, Richard is not violent.

Everyone who saw this event take place, I encourage you to stand up for Richard.

Later this afternoon around 1:30 PM, I learned that Richard is said to be from tribe somewhere in Africa, where he witnessed his family members murdered for an "ethnic cleansing".

Another really nice thing that the cops did was when Richard was released, they refused to give him back the little that he owns, most importantly, his sleeping bag. Nice country we live where those that are here to "protect and serve" do whatever they want to those that can't help themselves!



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