a justin bieber love story Ep.1 2/2 (the flashback)





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Published on Aug 30, 2010

andrea:nice try justin but i know your just trying to pull a prank and its not gonna work.i mean usher?! justin c'mon you had me going there until you said usher.*giggles , but nobody else is laughing and she see liz and mitzy teary eyed* justin you are joking right? * she feels tears coming but she tries to hide them but she fails* justin?! you gotta be joking you just have to! please tell me it was just a prank!

ryan: sorrry a but hes not.

justin : *feels a tear coming* im sorry drea. but im really not joking. *sees his moms car pull up and looks into dreas eyes* im really sorry. but we can still keep in touch i promise..

andrea: justin..your sorry? why didnt you tell me earlier?! why now! im your bestfriend and im the last to know?!!! i mean dont you know how much this hurts me. i-i-im just...*she breaks down and notices justin is gonna hug her but she pushes him and run to mitzy and liz. and hugs them*

*justin stares at the ground and walks to christian and ryan* guys i guess i should go now. bye.i promise we will keep in touch and take care of her please?

christian: yeah ok bye and good luck.
ryan:bye and have fun at atlanta!

justin: * walks to othe car and gets in. but his mom isnt in the car so he looks out the window and see shes talking to gabby ut he also notices andrea on the ground with everyone hugging her*man im gonna miss her im never gonna forget her.*he sees his mom walking back to the car*

pattie : *opens the door and starts driving away.

andrea:POV*how can justin do this to me!she sees his car leaving and runs inside the house and onto the sofa*

gabby: you guys should probably go home. want a lift?
all:yeah plz.

andrea:* she hit something hard and noticed it was her yearbook she grabbed it and ran upstairs to her bedroom.and opened it up to try to find where he signed it but she didnt.instead she noticed an envelope that said drea with a heart next to it.she picked it up and when she opened it she noticed justins handwriting.she read :

drea i know by now you know the bad news.and i probably said this but im sorry i didnt tell you before i was just nervous.i hope our goodbye went well which im sure it did(: but i promise we will keep in touch and ill call you to tell you the great news if usher signs me but if he dose i dont know how long i will be gone but i know i will never forget you and all the fun times we had.like when i pushed you into the pooll. scared you at night. stole your candy on halloween(: ditched you at the mall lol. did our dance at the talent show. had waterballoon fight. sleptover your house with mitzy,liz,and ryan and christian.pushed you face into your birthday cake but then you threw the rest of the cake at me :Dand lots more but this ones my fave-when i bumped into you 7 years ago in the cafeteria ans spilled all my food all over you and we started a food fight and got in trouble by the principal and had to stay at the pricipals office for the rest of 2nd grade.but then nagain thats how we became friends,best friends actually. im really gonna miss you a. and i love your smile,laugh,personality,eyes,nose,your small feet,the way you smell[wierd iknow ha],everthing about you. i dont know how i can live without you(: im certainly gonna miss you the most :p -justin
p.s. - i forgot to mention i love you (in a best friend way)

andrea: *closes the letter smilling and laughing to herself.*whispers* well i dont love you justin bieber i hate you.

------------------------------------------Flashback ends-----------------------------------------

andrea: *POV he never even kept in touch with me. too bad ryan and christian moved a year after him now i just have mitzy and liz that are thousands of miles away but they keep in touch with me! only my mom and pattie keep in touch but i forbid to talk to justin even shes never talked about him since that night.i doubt he remembers me i mean pattie dosent talk about me.soo..wait why am i thinking about him and what happened 1 year and 6 months ago today! gosh i can even believe im counting everyday.i-*starts crying herself to sleep*

so what did you guys think? comment if you like it and if you do ill keep writting more and more.


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