Let's Play - Mari0 - With Geoff, Gavin, Michael, and Ryan





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Published on Mar 26, 2012

Join Geoff, Gavin, Michael, & Ryan as they play Mari0 for the first time. Alliances will be made, friendships will be broken, but in the end, only one thing is certain. Gavin sucks.Mari0 combines the original side scrolling 8-bit adventure with the futuristic portal technology developed by Aperture science. Mario with portals.Mari0: http://stabyourself.net/mari0/

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Ah, 2012, when Michael was more angry, Ryan wasn't insane, and Gavin was still really dumb.
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James LuckyCharms777
Jac The Ripper was that all for all you know? or only the part about Michael having kids with Lindsay?
Jac The Ripper
WondrousMoose well that wasn't exactly better, Michael for all I know is going to have a kid with Lindsay sooner or later, Gavin's been learning, and Ryan also has his own kids, so he can put up some insanity to make some artificial fun for everybody
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3/4 of the way through Geoff "Is there a run button?" God help him lol
Aiden LeBlanc
There is when you're playing the old Super Mario Bros.
James Clark
oooh ryan used to be so shy back then. Now the mad king roams the land.
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Ricky Williams
It's always the quiet ones.
Prince Solaris
Julian Medina no roams Is right
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I'm not sure how I feel about this new Ryan guy, I hope he doesn't become a mainstay.
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I love that bold text xD
+Leon Price Team Same Voice joke~ 
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I really love how Ryan went through weeks to get hired when he's probably the most qualified to work at Roosterteeth when it comes to tech.
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Prince Solaris
It's the same thing
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Branson Samsal
18:04 "How do you run underwater?" ~ Gavin Free
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Raphael Basile
+GinnieKinz💜 I mean, you could if you sank to the floor and walked from there.
+flurbleman44 oops I Gavind
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Andy Ampora
9:35 Michael: What did you take this morning? Gavin: Uhh.. eggs.
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Kian wilson
+The Penumbra Dude when people get involved in a simple conversation it really annoys me, I mean it's like they are trying to prove a point, like if they don't they will die xd. Seriously though everyone stop commenting on this me and The Penumbra just had a simple conversation and we have agreed that he could of said either,
The Penumbra
+TheWicked696 +Nerd_Charmed  Guys, this conversation ended long ago. And if you look at my last comment "There is a fair chance that I'm wrong. And if I am I apologize. But to me it sounds like Gavin said X."  So can we please drop this?
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Sable Braun
Very first let's play I've seen them do. An easier way of saying it is my life began on this video.
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Prince Solaris
Actually exactly this day! A few years ago XD
Prince Solaris
Sable Braun my subscription began... Here
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Madi Palomo
Michael was so much angrier back then lol 
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David Lilly
"I wasn't listening to you Gavin! I'll let you know when i give a $#i% what you think. Gonna be a long day from now.
+Jesse Steijn HA
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The way Geoff tortures the group in New Super Mario makes a lot of sense when you look back at Mario0.
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Paul Novacek
No its spelt Mari0
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