KH2FM - Lexaeus Data No Damage/More Restrictions (LV1 CM)





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Published on Sep 17, 2007

Since Apul is starting to do restricted data fights, I wanted to get this over with before he will, because I KNOW he'll do this, since it's not that bad. Here are the rules for this fight:

No Damage
No Magic
No Drive
No Limit
No Item
No Summons
No using stat boosts
No Armor
No Accessories
No Reaction Command
No Controlling Lexaeus' Power Level

Must have Kingdom Key equipped.

Only have any of the following abilities equipped:

Flash Step
Slide Dash
Guard Break

High Jump LV3
Quick Run Lv3
Dodge Roll Lv3
Aerial Dodge LV3
Glide LV3

Combo Master
Combo Plus (if you want)
Reaction Up
Finishing Plus (only can be obtained in FM at LV1)


I had Summon Boost equipped by accident. Obviously a useless ability. As for the actual fight. Not tough at all. Got it in under 10 tries. Not much else to say, so enjoy. I'm probably not going to restrict the fight anymore, else it would just be stupid.

Difficulty for normal LV1 win: ******
Difficulty for normal LV1 win (with restrictions): *******
Difficulty for LV1 no damage: *******
Difficulty for LV1 no damage (with restrictions): *******

Oh, and if you're curious about Sora getting "stunned" throughout the video during the Explosion attacks, refer to my Lexaeus AS fight for proof that you do not take damage during it.


Q: How do you stay Level 1?
A: In Critical Mode in KH2FM, you are given an EXP 0 ability at the beginning of the game. Equipping it makes it so you don't gain experience. Drive Forms aren't affected by it, so you can still level those up.

Q: What's Critical Mode (CM)?
A: Critical Mode is the new difficulty mode in KH2FM. It's basically slightly harder than a low level Proud Mode challenge.

Q: Hey how come you have (Insert ability here) at level 1 when you get (insert same ability here) at (insert KH2 required level here).
A: In KH2FM, they switched some abilities around and made some where you don't have to level up to gain them. A perfect example is the Scan ability.

Q: How can you do 2 finishers so early on in the game?
A: Just like with the EXP 0 ability, you're also given a Finishing Plus ability at the start of the game. So you can do 1 normal finisher + a second finisher.

Q: How come I hear English voices if this is KH2FM? I thought it was Japanese!
A: KH2FM has English voices with Japanese text. Simple as that, I don't know why people can't grasp that.

Q: How can I get KH2FM and how would I get it to run on my PS2?
A: If you have the fat PS2, like me, get Swap Magic + a Slide Card. I got the Swap Magic 3.6 + Slide Card deal at thegiantstore.com. I also bought KH2FM at play-asia.com

Q: How come your stats increase if you're level 1?
A: You get bonus level stat ups from beating scripted fights. For example, some give you HP+, MP+, Strength +1, Defense +1, etc. If this didn't happen, then it would be near impossible to do a LV1 playthrough.

Q: Hey is this Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix?
A: You're an idiot, get off the internets.


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