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Published on Mar 29, 2013

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This time, we're covering the FAL OSW.

The 'right arm of the free world' is unlocked at level 22, and is the first of two single-shot assault rifles.

The FAL, or 'Fusil Automatique Leger' is a Belgian weapon, designed at FN Herstal and in production since 1953.

The OSW variant, or 'Operator Specialist Weapon', seen in Black Ops 2 is the 'DSA SA58 Para Elite Compact', an American-built FAL with a short barrel and folding stock.

The OSW's short overall length means it could conceivably be used by paratroopers - as indeed some shortened FAL variants have been.

However, the SA58 is principally designed for police use, and this compact weapon fires the powerful 7.62mm NATO round - a full power rifle cartridge for times when compromising on power isn't an option.

In-game, damage is high - the FAL will kill with just two shots to the body at a close range.

This drops to a 3-hit kill at a middle range, or a two shot kill where one is a headshot - and across the longer sightlines you'll always need 3 shots.

Penetration ability is high, on par with the LMGs, the SWAT-556, and SMR.

Rate of fire is limited to 625 rounds per minute, generous enough for most trigger fingers.

When using the select fire attachment, the FAL will become fully automatic - but will fire at a reduced rate of 468 rounds per minute.

Hipfire performance is poor, due to a larger-than-average spread when compared to the other assault rifles, and the slower rate of fire.

The FAL's recoil is relatively light - almost not a factor when fired semi-automatically at a moderate pace.

When employed as a full-auto weapon via select fire, recoil is much heavier due to reduced centerspeed - but for mid-range engagements is still relatively easy to manage.

Aim time is standard for the class, at 250 milliseconds - and you'll move at 95 percent of the maximum base speed.

Magazine capacity is a little lower than typical for the assault rifles, at 25 rounds: but given the slower rate of fire and higher damage it's rare that you'll need all 25 shots in a single engagement.

In any case, reloads are relatively swift - at just 2.15 seconds to complete.

The two hit kill of the FAL means it can be quite effective up close, but only if you're able to accurately direct your shots - so it's imperative that you make good use of the adjustable stock, keeping your sights up whenever moving into the enemy's domain.

Sprinting is a sure-fire way to get yourself killed, with the FAL left unready and ineffective until you're able to get your sights onto your target - so a modicum of patience is the key, with careful ratcheted progression in favour of a blind rush.

The FAL OSW is a powerful weapon, capable of quickly killing opponents when fired accurately.

Few weapons in its class can kill with just two shots, and paired with the FAL's balanced handling, this weapon boasts a blend of power and flexibility that few can match.

However, there is a trade-off made in exchange for this awesome power - and the slower rate of fire and worse-than average hipfire can hamper your effectiveness up close.

The FAL's need for accuracy does force you to play in a more cautious fashion, too - if you're not able to place shots where they need to be, you'll find the FAL quickly loses its effectiveness.

Still, despite these downsides the FAL remains a terribly effective weapon - with its high damage giving it a noticeable advantage both at a mid-range and at a distance.

Such power is a blessing beyond measure: and this 'FN gun'...

...will be your opponent's curse.


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