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Published on Mar 20, 2011

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This is my first full length crossover in a long time!

I suggest that you watch this crossover first with only reading the provided backstory below; the full plot synopsis is written below that for further understanding.

In this crossover, I have used "Ping", as though he were a boy all along and the character of "Mulan" doesn't exist, so hope that makes sense!


Shang and Ping are half-brothers born from the general. Shang is 10 years older than Ping and is now the captain of the new recruits. Ping, on the other hand, is only 16 and is the illigitimate son of the general, and because of this has never been accepted into the prestigious lineage. Ping is not a fighter by nature, he and Shang are complete opposites; Ping is care-free while Shang is stern, etc, etc.

Because of this Shang despises Ping from birth and attempts to make his life miserable in return for the disrespect his 'birth' had on the honour of his family. Sadly for Ping, he is just entering the army and is sorted into Shang's ranks.

Phoebus is world-renowned war-lord from France who has allied himself with China during some struggle and has been appointed to help Shang deal with his new-recruits, since he has been having trouble and has been cited as being too strict.


The crossover starts with Phoebus and Shang meeting in a tent and discussing the new recruits; when they go outside to begin, Ping has caused a ruckus.

Shang yells at Ping and becomes furious; since Phoebus knows this has been a problem with Shang's methods, he urges him to try a softer approach, but Shang brushes this off. Ping intriduces himself and he and Phoebus become quick friends, even though Phoebus is of such a high rank, he can relate to most anybody. Ping is surprised by this, as he has only ever known people looking down at him and never giving him a chance; it is the first true kindness he's ever receieved. The training goes on and Phoebus observes Shang's mistreatment and hatred for Ping, which he sees as cruelty.

Phoebus lends a helping hand to Ping, which immediately puts he and Shang at odds. Ping explains why Shang hates him and why the other recruits bully him. Shang sees that Phoebus is taking special interest in Ping; looking to prove that Ping is a failure, he asks Ping to retrive the arrow at the top of the pole and if he doesn't, he will be kicked out of the camp. However, with Phoebus looking proudly on, he succeedes the test.. Later that night, Phoebus congratulates Ping and tells him that they are alike, and that he will be there to protect him from Shang if need be.

The recruits begin fighting battles with Phoebus by their side. Ping sees Phoebus as an almost god-like creature; Ping's attraction to Phoebus worsens as well as his idolization of him; he holds Phoebus on a pedastle above all things. Many months go by and one night when they are finally alone, Phoebus asks Ping to escape back to France so that they can be together. However, running away will mean high-treason, and if they are caught they will be killed. He tells Ping to run away first, and that he will follow him once Ping is out of the country.

Soon after Ping leaves the camp, soldiers run in who have overheard everything; little did Phoebus know that Ping turned back around, unable to leave him. They attack Phoebus and Shang is ordered to kill both of them. He executes Phoebus in front of Ping.

50 years pass and Ping grows old; he has since become a great and legendary war-hero, and is living comfortably yet alone; he resolved to never have any wife or children but for the love of Phoebus that he barely was able to know. He thinks always of Phoebus, constantly, for all those years. A flashback is shown of what happened right after Phoebus was killed; seeing Ping's love for Phoebus, Shang, about to execute Ping as well, temporarily loses his resolve. He yells for Ping to run, and becomes a traitor himself and is shot by the other soldiers.

Back in the present, Ping lives the rest of his life, though he is weakened by age and ill health; he succumbs to his illness and dies peacefully in his sleep. The gates of heaven open to him and after 50 years, is reunited with Phoebus in heaven forever.

The End


Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoyed it!!! I worked so hard on it agh! But it is my favourite crossover I think I have done so far.

If you have any comments, critiques, or questions about the plot, I'd love to hear them!!!!!! thank you!


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