1. July Make-up Favorites



  4. Winter Fashion Favorites 2013

  5. My Dining Room Tour

  6. A Couple Lovely Items From Target

  7. Burgundy, Tan, and Prints Haul!

  8. Brief Oil reccommendation

  9. December 2012 Haul

  10. My look for today

  11. Testing

  12. October Favorites

  13. Sept 2012 Favorites (late)

  14. 👠 My Favorite Fall Shoes👠

  15. Special Addition Outfit of the day pre-recorded

  16. Affordable Drugstore makeup Products

  17. Quick and Easy Tutorial: How To Contour Lips

  18. Fall LOVES Tag

  19. Get to know me Tag 25 Questions

  20. Tag 10 Items I would Repurchase in a heart beat

  21. Fall Mall Haul

  22. Bestie Tag Part 1 spanish edition

  23. Sigmax 10 piece Brush Set Review

  24. Fashion of the day a glam perspective

  25. Creative Organizational Video

  26. July Collective Hall

  27. June Favorites Tutorial

  28. Classy Red Pencil Skirt and blue printed blouse outfit of the day

  29. Retro 80's Colorblocked Outfit of the day

  30. Naked 2 Palette Review

  31. Hello Gorgous Hair Extension Update 3-4 years after

  32. Royal Blue and true green outfit of the day!

  33. Lastest and greatest makeup faves

  34. April Favorites

  35. Monthly Favorites

  36. My Spring Wardrobe Essentials

  37. Coastal Scents Brush Belt Review

  38. Large Coastal Scents Haul

  39. Ending Winter Beginning Spring Fashion

  40. Nail Polish and Make Up Reviews

  41. Casual yet classy outfit of the day

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  47. Fashion of the Day: Fuchsia Fever


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  50. November and or December Faves

  51. Living Room Decor/ Updated Tour

  52. Fall and or winter makeup

  53. Colorful Faux Campbell Lita

  54. Mini Haul

  55. New Foundation Routine

  56. One Pump at a Time!

  57. Styling All Ages, Shapes, and Sizes

  58. Glam Wear

  59. Glam Wear Part 1 (sample preview)

  60. Jeffrey Campbell Lita updated

  61. October Favorites

  62. My Favorite Haul Items (part 1)

  63. My Favorite Haul Items (Part 2)

  64. Doll face/ Avant Garde Make-up

  65. Best bronzers, blushes, and highlighters for Dark skin tones

  66. Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain Review/Collection

  67. Amazing Midnight Fall Make-up Tutorial

  68. How To Style a Little Blue Dress for full figured women

  69. Middle school/ High school Make-up Tutorial

  70. How to Style Faux Jeffrey Campbell Lita

  71. Sister Tag!

  72. Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron Review

  73. Jeffrey Campbell Lita Dupe!

  74. September Favorites!

  75. Products I Regret Purchasing!

  76. Shi Shi and Jei Playing with the camera

  77. Mini Update and special thanks to 100 subscribers!!!

  78. fall shoes

  79. Walk in closet organization sneak peek

  80. Dupes: M.A.C., Makeup Forever, Chanel, and O.P.I.

  81. How to make M.A.C. Fix +

  82. New segment Dupes

  83. Gel Overlay Update

  84. Glamourus Drugstore make-up for beginners

  85. How to fix thick (gloppy) and dried out nail polishes!

  86. Full Figured: Leopard Glam and Green Skinny Jeans

  87. AMAZING August Favorites

  88. Nail Polish Storage and Vlogging Happiness!

  89. Fading glitter tiger nails tutorial

  90. How to repair bleached, dyed, dry brittle hair

  91. Hurricane Irene

  92. Long,strong Nails: Gel Overlay&Nail Strengthener!!

  93. Big Hair, Dark Smokey Eye, and Tiger Nails!

  94. 5 Glamour Essentials under $50

  95. Biker Boots, Sandals, and More!!

  96. Long, strong Nails Update and some tips!!!

  97. Full Figured: Pretty Little Liars Back to School EDITION!

  98. Quick and easy Barbie Girl Makeup Tutorial

  99. Drugstore Make-Up Tutorial