Illuminati's next move - London Olympics 2012 False Flag Confirmed Part 5





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Published on Jun 28, 2012

Source: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheTruthI...
This new documentary (Duration: 1h45) released on 6/21/12 contains new unique and exclusive proofs which definitely confirm that there will be a false flag terrorist attack during the 2012 London Olympics.

This is not about making predictions or coming to quick conclusions, it's just a gathering and the connexion of several open public peace of information which you can find on the mainstream media such as in movies, commercials, TV news Broadcast, TV documentary, music clips & lyrics, newspapers, video games, cartoons... The media are not done to entertain you but to make you a slave, to brainwash you, to manipulate you and to program you.

Exactly like with 9/11, a huge number of these media work as propaganda and predictive programming in order to prepare the people's mind for the next major false flag: the 2012 London Olympics Terrorist attack. A great number of references can be seen in these media (movies, music clips, commercials, newspaper, cartoons, video games,...), some of them are ciphered and other are more evident.

All these references point out to the same event: a nuclear attack during the 2012 Olympics on the London Underground which will make the Olympic Stadium blow up and which will make the ground fall, the references indicate that this will happen on 7/27/2012, ie during the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics. The instigators can change the date at the last time but this does not change anything because, they will still execute this false flag during the Olympics because it's absolutely necessary for their plan.

The satanic zionist illuminatis want to use the Olympics as a the greatest occult event ever known and use the energy of the billions of people which will be focus on this event to open a multi dimentional gate. The Olympics shall be the opening of the gates of hell, an occult event, an UFO event (the UFO/Alien are jinns/devils), and the trigger for the times of Darkness which will lead to the establishing of Zion, the New Jerusalem, in London, Capital of Satanism and Capital of the New World Dark Order...This will come through nuclear WW3, mass execution in the underground bases, eradication, the release of gog and magog.

The Opening Cermemony of the Olympics has been called "Peace and pleasant land" which is the last phrase of the zionist hymn "Jerusalem", which speaks about establishing, through wars and massacres, a new Jerusalem in London, Capital of Satanism and Darkness. The whole Olympic Opening Ceremony is a reproduction of the major occult places in England and the Stadium itself is above an ancient area which was dedicated to the satanic ritual sacrifices and is also a site of nuclear wastes!!!

The main official song which has been chosen to promote the London Olympics is called "London Calling Clash" which lyrics are all about darkness, death, zombies, the UNDERWORLD, NUCLEAR WAR, and even refers to the illuminatis (by refering to the "Yellowy eyes ones" ~ owl ~ Bohemian Grove ~ reptilians ~ Illuminatis).

The Prophecies of Parravicini also confirms that the London Olympics False Flag. In 1972, Parravicini made a prophetic drawing while he was in a trance state, the drawing and the text it contains clearly refers to the London Olympics through the torch, the bell (the biggest bell in the world will be used in the Olympic Stadium), he even drawn the exact outlines of the London Olympic Park, the tower ArcelorMital Orbit, ... and the text associated with his prophecies speaks about death, fire, explosion, wars between USA, Russia and China.... Which confirms that this London Olympic False Flag will also be used as a trigger for the nuclear WW3 (the goal behind this is 90% reduction of the world population as written for long on the Georgia Guidestone).

A very large number of movies, series, video games and commercials refers more or less clearly to the coming false flag in London such as:

Cars 2, Knowing (also entitled "Prediction"), Spooks: Code 9, 2012, Independance Day, Anonymous, V For Vendetta, The Simpsons, The Dictator, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Mass Effect 3, Hellgate London, Dr. Who, The Avengers, Reign of Fire, 28 Weeks later, Baal Storm God, Harry Potter Half-Blood Prince, Batman Dark Knight Rise, G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation, Mars Attack, The Euro 2012 Chinese commercial, The 2012 London Olympics Adidas ads "all in", "about to blow", "Take the stage",... and a lot of other ads you'll see in this documentary...and music clips such as Earthquake by Labrinth, Blow by Kesha, TimeBomb by Kylie Minogue, "This is love" by Will I am....

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Escobar Manchulo
"definitely confirm that there will be a false flag terrorist attack during the 2012 London Olympics". So where was it?
Thilina Elvitigala
lol bunch of horseshit
The Awesome One
The voice talkibg in the beggining sounds like SIRI. (uk version)
graffiti legend
haha why are these videos still on here 
Once again congratulations to the makers of this video. Clearly you have cracked the world conspriracy code and single handedly kept the Illuminati and their evil minions from wreaking havoc on the London Olympics. You boneheads.
Jin Nat
hahahah stupid video about sutpid ideology :)
jake cook
fuck me you kids are paranoid.
I guess your right and nothing is likely to happen in the near future either. 
Rhys Grabham
woah was i still right then, this is all bullshit
So everything not human or animal is satan offspring? Highly illogical
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