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Published on Aug 20, 2011


This video can be considered the sequel to "ULTRAnumb". Many of you will probably see why towards the end, if you understand it. =p

First of all, there are a couple of "style changes" in this video. These are based off of videos or works that I thought I could replicate with a RS video. These inspirations were:
Chorus 1: "The Grouch - 'Artsy'"
Roughly 35 seconds in is where the style derived from. I think I did okay... for a Vegas video. =D

Chorus 2: "Simplicity"
This wasn't based on any particular video, but the older editing styles of RSMVs, where simplicity was the best effect. I couldn't help from using some FE and Levels, though. :I

Chorus 3 & 4: "Ex Machina"
For those of you that remember my [somewhat] old Ex Machina video, this style is basically a cleaned-up version of that. Mostly dark cinematography, I tried to keep it somewhat slow in one part and fast in another while using the same colour tones. SUCCESS.

Chorus 5: "Combination"
As the name suggests, this chorus was meant to flick back and forth between the previous ones. While editing, I was sceptical if this would actually turn out okay, but after I rendered it... HOLY SHIT YEAH AWESOME. [And I'm supposed to hate my work. :/]


This video has been worked on for the last few months, and every minute of it I enjoyed. Not sure if this was because the song itself was covered by one of my favourite bands, or if I was just anticipating the editing of the ending (which turned out EXACTLY like I intended it to, btw =D). Either way, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, and I look forward to editing the next one.

I was originally going to do the song "Sea of Smiles", but I stopped about 40 seconds in (where has that happened before? Heh). This was mainly because I needed a lot of people to help, and I prefer to do shit alone (rather than waste peoples times = emote synchs, ugh).

Anyways, for those that want a screenshot of the final project, here's a pic:

..:: Credits ::..
Like always, in order of appearance:
- Justine Dion/ Godslefthalf
Thanks for foxtrotting with me Justine, even though your "friends" were being ballsacks. c:

- Marko/Postrach2
POSTRAKKKKKKKKK cheers for helping out, even if you were F2P at the time. Shame you couldn't prayer cape, but I think I dealt with it okay. =D

That is all because foreveralone.jpg

I don't own the audio nor the source medium in this video. The audio track, Sienna Skies' cover of "Fireflies" by Owl City is copyright of Sienna Skies. I would never intend to steal their work, as it's far too uhmayzin' for me to create anyway.
RuneScape is owned and operated by Jagex, and I am in no way affiliated with the aforementioned Jagex game studio. I do not have a refer-a-friend system due to a lack of friends to refer.
Everything used in this video is copyright of their respective owners, and anything I have used is for entertainment purposes only.


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