Press conference on Dexter Avenue fire held in Detroit





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Uploaded on Mar 11, 2010

At the site of the disastrous fire that took the lives of Marvin Allen and his brother Tyrone and his companion Lynn Greer on January 5, a press conference was held to publicize the Citizens Inquiry to be held on March 20. Lawrence Porter of the Socialist Equality Party was accompanied on the panel by Charlotte Nash, sister of the Allen brothers, Robert Nash, her son and Jerry White, also of the SEP.


  1. 125

    Louisiana residents and fishermen denounce oil spill response

  2. 126

    Friend of house fire victim denounces shutoff policy

  3. 127

    Shutoff victim speaks to WSWS

  4. 128

    Scientist says Obama administration policy contributed to Gulf Coast Spill

  5. 129

    Louisiana workers denounce BPs oil spill response

  6. 130

    Lawyer for family of worker killed in blast says BP guilty of negligence

  7. 131

    20,000 march for immigrant rights in Chicago

  8. 132

    SEP candidate addresses Oxford Union

  9. 133

    Mother of three young children killed in Detroit house fire speaks

  10. 134

    WSWS-Power 2010 meeting

  11. 135

    Miners speak on safety violations at Upper Big Branch Mine

  12. 136

    Head of legal services nonprofit speaks before Dexter Avenue Inquiry

  13. 137

    Detroit Firefighter speaks before Dexter Avenue Inquiry

  14. 138

    Hearing of the Citizens Inquiry into the Dexter Avenue Fire

  15. 139

    Cabrini Clinic director denounces utility shutoffs

  16. 140

    The Dexter Avenue Fire Inquiry - Post-hearing Interviews

  17. 141

    Neighbors speak on Dexter Avenue fire deaths

  18. 142

    Detroit firefighter discusses utility shutoffs and budget cuts

  19. 143

    ISSE addresses Sussex University demonstration

  20. 144

    Dexter Avenue fire neighbor discusses utility bills

  21. Press conference on Dexter Avenue fire held in Detroit

  22. 146

    Son of Dexter Avenue fire victim speaks to WSWS

  23. 147

    ISSE members address rallies in San Diego, California

  24. 148

    Neighbors of fire victims condemn utility shutoffs

  25. 149

    Three Detroit children die in fire after power shutoff

  26. 150

    WSWS interviews sister of Detroit fire victims

  27. 151

    NUMMI auto workers denounce UAW intimidation

  28. 152

    Locked-out Rio Tinto workers oppose concessions

  29. 153

    Boron, California mine workers denounce company lock-out

  30. 154

    Detroit family denounces utility shutoffs in 3 fire deaths

  31. 155

    Detroit teachers speak out against DFT Contract

  32. 156

    Demonstration against closure of Abbeydale Grange School

  33. 157

    Detroit residents compain of lack of real jobs at fair

  34. 158

    Thousands line up for Swine Flu vaccine in Michigan

  35. 159

    Ford workers speak on contract rejection

  36. 160

    Ford workers speak out against concessions contract

  37. 161

    Tens of thousands line up for housing assistance in Detroit

  38. 162

    Video: ISSE members speak on education cuts at rally

  39. 163

    Detroit residents speak on utility bills, social crisis

  40. 164

    Michigan's Oakland University faculty strike in seventh day

  41. 165

    Oakland University students support striking faculty

  42. 166

    Detroit Teachers Protest Pay Cuts

  43. 167

    D'Artagnan Collier Speaks to rally of City workers

  44. 168

    Interviews at Los Angeles health care clinic

  45. 169

    Vote for DArtagnan Collier, SEP Candidate for Detroit Mayor

  46. 170

    Workers continue Vestas occupation on Isle of Wight

  47. 171

    Rally of Detroit City workers against concessions contract

  48. 172

    Protesters opposing closure of Sheffield's Abbeydale Grange School speak to WSWS

  49. 173

    Interview with striking Windsor city workers

  50. 174

    Campaign Statement of D'Artagnan Collier, SEP Candidate for Detroit Mayor

  51. 175

    A conversation with Windsor municipal workers

  52. 176

    Workers in NYC oppose budget cuts in healthcare and social services

  53. 177

    SEP Detroit Public Meeting - June 16, 2009

  54. 178

    SEP Detroit mayoral candidate speaks to strikers in Windsor, Canada

  55. 179

    Flint, Michigan and the bankruptcy of GM

  56. 180

    Graduating high school seniors and retirees comment on GM bankruptcy

  57. 181

    Parents and teachers speak on firing of Detroit principal

  58. 182

    Michigan GM workers speak about the implications of bankruptcy and plant closings

  59. 183

    Michigan auto workers and families speak on plant closures

  60. 184

    1934 Toledo Auto-Lite strike

  61. 185

    GM workers speak out on concessions contract

  62. 186

    Detroit students defend their principal and oppose school cuts

  63. 187

    Auto workers denounce Chrysler-UAW concessions

  64. 188

    GM and Chrysler workers speak to the WSWS

  65. 189

    UK Visteon workers speak on occupation

  66. 190

    GM and Chrysler workers speak to the WSWS

  67. 191

    Chrysler workers oppose more concessions

  68. 192

    WSWS interviews G20 protesters in London

  69. 193

    Pontic, Michigan residents oppose teacher layoffs

  70. 194

    Thousands line up for jobs in Detroit

  71. 195

    Ford workers: "Now the fight is with our own union."

  72. 196

    Montserrat French

  73. 197

    Pontiac General Motors workers denounce pay cut demands

  74. 198

    Chrysler workers oppose pay cuts, concession demands

  75. 199

    London protest denounces massacre of Tamils in Sri Lanka

  76. 200

    Funeral for Michigan man frozen following utility shut-off

  77. 201

    Michigan resident, Marvin Schur, 93, froze to death after his electricity was restricted

  78. 202

    Michigan resident, 93, freezes to death in his home

  79. 203

    WSWS on campaign for truth about Franco's mass graves

  80. 204

    WSWS interviews protesters in London

  81. 205

    Michigan Chrysler workers denounce pay cuts

  82. 206

    Trevor Griffiths: "The Writer and Revolution"-- Part 2, Clip G: Cultural Awakening

  83. 207

    Trevor Griffiths: "The Writer and Revolution" Part 2, Clip H: Paine's death

  84. 208

    Trevor Griffiths: "The Writer and Revolution" Part 2, Clip F: The Party (b)

  85. 209

    Trevor Griffiths: "The Writer and Revolution" Part 2, Clip E: The Party (a)

  86. 210

    Trevor Griffiths: "The Writer and Revolution"-Part 1, Clip D: The 1070s(b)

  87. 211

    Trevor Griffiths:: "The Writer and Revolution" Part 1, Clip C: The 1970s(a)

  88. 212

    Trevor Griffiths: "The Writer and Revolution" Part 1, Clip B: Thomas Paine

  89. 213

    Trevor Griffiths: "The Writer and Revolution" Part 1, Clip A: Introduction

  90. 214


  91. 215

    The rise and fall of Highland Park, Michigan

  92. 216

    Autoworker Kandy O'Neill answers New York Times columnist

  93. 217

    WSWS: Images of War

  94. 218

    Thousands mourn Detroit firefighter

  95. 219

    WSWS interviews Wilmington, Ohio residents on DHL job cuts

  96. 220

    WSWS interviews workers at Detroit "poverty summit"

  97. 221

    Jerry White Speaks at University of Illinois-Chicago

  98. 222

    WSWS speaks with family members of Michigan fire victims

  99. 223

    Detroit residents denounce social decay in fire deaths

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