Till the End of Time [Chapter 12 Part 2]





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Uploaded on Apr 1, 2008

*At 6 o'clock the next day, Gabrielle was getting dressed and talking to Paige on the phone.*

PAIGE: So, are you almost ready? Isn't he coming soon?

GABRIELLE: Yeah, I have an hour.

PAIGE: What are you wearing?

GABRIELLE: A jean skirt and my favorite shirt.

PAIGE: What shirt?

GABRIELLE: The pink one.

PAIGE: Which pink one? You have more than one pink shirt, Gabrielle.

GABRIELLE: The one with the picture on the front.

PAIGE: Picture of who? What are you trying to hide? [Realizes something.] Oh my gosh. You aren't wearing the...OH MY GOSH YOU ARE. [Accusatory tone...] You are wearing the Jonas Brothers shirt aren't you.

GABRIELLE: Yeah. I am. What's wrong with that?

PAIGE: *Exasperatedly.* Gabrielle! You can't wear that shirt out on a date!

GABRIELLE: Why not? I like this shirt! I got it at the concert!

PAIGE: Yes, I am aware of that, I was there. But you can't wear it! It's just wrong! You can't wear hot people on your clothes while you go on a date with another hot person! It's gotta be like a bad omen or something.

GABRIELLE: *Giggling.* Oh, okay, calm down. I'll change. But I have to go now, though, sorry. I wont be able to hear you talk while I am blow drying my hair. Talk to you later!

PAIGE: Mmkayy... Gabrielle...

GABRIELLE: *With a tone of finality...* Bye Paige.

PAIGE: *Reluctantly.* Bye. Have fun.

*Jacob's older brother, Justin, drives his convertible up to Gabrielle's house at ten past seven. Gabrielle opens the door and sees Jacob waving at her to walk down to the car. She does so, thinking of the last time she got into a boy's car.*

JACOB: *Smiling.* Whats up Gabrielle!

GABRIELLE: *Shyly.* Hey Jacob!

JACOB: You look hot.

GABRIELLE: Thanks. *She gets into the car and they drive off.* What movie are we going to see?

JACOB: Well, I was thinking we could see that new Nicholas Cage movie.

*When he says 'Nicholas', Gabrielle's mind immediately flicks back to Nick, but she agrees to go.*

*During the previews of the movie, they enjoy each other's company, talking about school and complaining about their teachers. When the movie starts to play, they both lean back and focus on the film, Gabrielle notices Jacob looking her every few minutes. About an hour into the movie, Jacob slowly reaches over and puts his arm around the back of her chair. While most of the girls in Gabrielle's class would have been happy about this development, it made her uncomfortable. She quietly shifts herself and wiggles out of his arm. Frowning, Jacob pulls his hand back and puts it on his lap. He doesn't try anything for the rest of the movie, or when Justin comes to pick them up.*

JACOB: *Walking her to her door when they reach her house.* I had a fun tonight.

GABRIELLE: Me too. Thank you so much.

JACOB: Anytime. So, will I be seeing you again?

GABRIELLE: I see you every day!

JACOB: No, I mean out of school.

GABRIELLE: I don't know....

JACOB: I think another date will be arranged.

*Gabrielle smiles at him.*

JACOB: Well, have a good night!

*He leans into kiss her, but she pulls back.*

GABRIELLE: *Shyly.* Sorry, Jacob. I'm just not ready for that yet.

JACOB: *Looks disappointed.* Oh. Okay.

GABRIELLE: Well, goodnight.

*She goes inside, closes the door and leans against it, sliding down to the floor.*

GABRIELLE: *Sighing deeply.* What a night.

*She thinks about her date with Jacob, and when he tried to put his arm around her, and then about when tried to kiss her on the doorstep. Instead of feeling excited, she felt guilty. "Why should I feel guilty? It's not like I told Nick that I wasn't going to see anyone else. I mean, we aren't going out. We're friends.* But as she goes upstairs a few minutes later and begins to get ready for bed, she can't stop wondering why the guilt wont leave her alone.*


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