The Neighbor -A Jemi Love Story- Ep. 7





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Published on Jun 30, 2012

Sorry for the late update!
I have summer vacation, so i'll be posting more! :)
I saw that i had a text back, i blushed.

"Hello girlfriend ;) you're so cute, and sexy ;) xx - Joe"

I giggled and walked to my bedroom, i layed on my bed, i put my phone on my nightstand. I smiled when i tought how beautiful this day was. I have a boyfriend. I love 15th of June. I closed my eyes an fell asleep.

- The Next Day. -
Demi woke up by the sound of Valen calling her from her bedside.

Valen: Demsy, wakey, wakey. *Smiles*

Demi: Goodmorning. *Laughs*

Valen: Can we go to the park? *Giggles*

Demi: Mmm.. Yes.. What time is it?

Valen: *Looks at the clock* 12:15 PM

Demi: Wow, that late already? Give me 10 minutes to make myself ready, okay? 

Valen: *Nods and goes to the livingroom*

-10 Minutes later-
Demi comes out of her bedroom and sees Valen watching tv, she looks at the window and sees raindrops falling..

Demi: It's raining outside?!

Valen: Yes.. It's raining the whole day! Are we still going to the park?

Demi: *Groans* You're lucky that i love you, and i need some fresh air.

Valen: *Smiles* Thankyou demsy! *Hugs her*

-After a while-
Demi and Valen were walking around the park, it was pouring, they were enjoying the rain tough. 
After 10 minutes they were heading to the apartementcomplex. 
When they were inside they were soaking wet, they walked into Demi's condo, and dryed themselves.

Demi: Never doing that again..

Valen: *Giggles* Sorry Demsy!

Demi: *Smiles* It's okay sweetie, it was fun!

Valen: *Smiles ; yawns*

Demi: Are you tired, sweetie?

Valen: *Nods* I didn't sleep that good. 

Demi: Come, i'll put you in bed. *Smiles*

i brought Valen to bed and tucked her in, i waited till she was asleep, and walked to my livingroom, i grabbed my iPhone and saw i had some Facebook activity, i clikes on it.
- Joe Jonas requested that you have a relationship. (Accept/Decline)

I laughed and accepted it.
It lasted a couple of minutes without comments, but then it came.

Selena Gomez, Diana Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Lea Michele and 34 others liked this.

Selena Gomez; When the wedding guys!?

Miley Cyrus: I better be a braidsmaid!

Demi Lovato: Oh my god! We just started dating, guys!

Selena Gomez: We all know that you are meant to be! ;) 

Lea Michele: Woow! I need to come over very soon! ;) 

Diana Lovato; Demetria Devonne Lovato! I'm coming over now! And you better tell me everything! 

Demi Lovato: Crap. 

(Selena Gomez, Lea Michele, Joe Jonas, Miley Cyrus liked this.)

I laughed at my iPhone screen and put my phone away. I walked to the balcony and saw ny mon sitting on her balcony.

Diana; Demetria.

Demi: *Innocent voice* Helloo, mommy.

Diana: Demetria, you are telling me everything now!

Demi: *Sighs* Fineee.

I told my mom EVERYTHING, after the story she smiled, wait, what? Smiling?

Demi: You are smiling?

Diana: Yes, why not? My babygirl finally grow up!

Demi: Finally? I am a adult mom! 

Diana: You don't act like one, Demetria.

Demi: Thankyou Mom, i love you too.

Diana: Sorry sweetie. *Smiles* now ho inside, it's getting chilly here outside.

Demi: Okay mom, Valen will be back tomorrow, she is sleeping right now. 

Diana: Okay sweetie, goodnight, sweetheart. *Smiles and walks inside*

Demi: *Walks inside ; sees her phone lights up ; walks over and grabs her phone, and looks at the text*

'I'm watching you.'

Demi eyes widened, and was terrified. Her breathig became heavier, and she keeps looking at the text. There was ofcourse no number showing. Her eyes were filling with tears and she was shaking.

She really was terrified.
To Be Continue.

Adding some 'drama' otherwise it would be boring. 

1. Who is it?
2. Liked it?
3. Favorite part?

xoxo Emmy.

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