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Published on Dec 23, 2007


If a file does not finish downloading, (AKA it stops at 99.8% or something) stop the file and Right Click and click Manual Hash Check, than start the download again, it'll finish. :3

How To Run Bitcomet in order to get access to P2P content.

This video does not promote copyright infringment in anyway shape or form.

It is a basic tutorial of a P2P program, and an explaination of terms.

THe world of P2P or sharing programs is confuzzing, so I'm here to help.

You wanna stay with the best and most user friendly P2P program which is BitComet.

You can find BitComet here:

Installation Process:

* After it downloads open it.
* Select your language!
* Make sure to have a Desktop shortcut selected as one of the choices
* Choose to put it in your 'Program Files'
* Install it!

After Installed you can take advantage of this amazing P2P program!!

Quick terms:

- torrent - A file type that is used to hold space on your hard drive until information is written on it.

- seed - A seed is someone who is sharing their data/information with others, this can be you too!! TO be a seeder just leave your Bitcomet running after you have finished downloaded the file, you will then notice an uploading, that means your sending this information to other people! THE P2P COMMUNITY NEEDS MORE SEEDERS!

- leech - A leech is someone who recieves or downloads information from the seed.

- peers - This is the name for both a leech and a seed usually for someone who's halfway way through download. They don't have the file completely downloaded themselves but their still seeding.

Quick Tips For P2P Programs:

- AVOID LIMEWIRE!!! I know that a lot of people love it, but since it is the most popular P2P it also has the most
viruses out of all of them!!

- AVOID DOWNLOADING ZIPPED AND ARCHIVED FILES!! If you can't tell what's in the file than there's ALWAYS the chance
of a virus being in it!!

- Only use Torrents on Bitcomet! Many people use Bitcomet to download other files as well, you're more than likely
able to download those files with just your browser, BitComet will actually slow down standard downloads!

Sites that have torrents:

= isohunt.com
= piratebay.org
= mininova.org
= suprnova.org

Torrents are holders for any of the following files, MOVIES, MUSIC, GAMES, APPLICATIONS and such.

This can include files that have been copyrighted, which is against the law in certain countries to download!


Explaination To Summary Section:

Under the Summary there are a couple of important things that everyone should be familiar with:

- Save Location - This is where the downloaded files will be saved, under default it goes to C:\Downloads\(File's Folder), if you want to change this, you have to change location when you first open the torrent! Screen CAP and explaination found in video!

- File Size - How big the file is.

- Progress - This will be in a percentage, percentage you've downloaded, and how much that's left in parantheses.

- Torrent - Where the Torrent is located, default its set in C:\Program Files\BitComet\Torrents\(TorrentFile)

- Category - What type of file it is.

- Connections - This shows how many seeds and peers there are and how much are connecting.

- Download Rate - How fast your downloading the file.

- Upload Rate - How fast your uploading the file or sending it to other users.

- Created Time - When you first opened the Torrent File.

- Time Elapse - How much time you've spent downloading this file.

- Downloaded - How much you've downloaded so far.

- Uploaded - How much you've uploaded so far (the more the better!)

Sites I recommend:


- This Providence - Wolf In Sheep's Clothing
- Forever The Sickest Kids - Drama Club Remix


Don't worry if it doesn't download as long as there's a seed you'll file will eventually download sometimes
there's just a high demand or many leeches that it will take a while for you to acess the seed, just leave your
Bitcoment Client running.

Another thing!! BitComet tends to lag up slow computers because it takes a lot of physical memory so I recommend
not running many apps with BitComet, and lastly it does lag up your internet a good amount so I recommend leaving
BitComet to DL big files such as movies or games overnight or when your not on your computer.


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