Bambi, The Prince of the Pridelands, Part I "Deliver Us" (Prince of Egypt, Disney Version)





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Published on Jan 21, 2009


Baby Bambi - Baby Moses
Bambi's Mother - Yocheved
Lady - Yocheved closest friend and leader of the Slaves
Olivia - Peasant who follows Bambi's (Moses') Basket
Sarabi - Queen
Baby Simba - Baby Prince Ramesses
Mufasa - Pharaoh
Basil, Jiminy, Flik, Dodger and gang, Friar Tuck, Robin, Woody, Buzz, Ants, Adult Bambi, Flaversham, Oliver, Dawson, Adult Simba and others - Slaves
Ratigan, Dogs, Hopper and gang, Adult Ronno, Scar, Sherrif of Nottingham and others - Guards
Nala and other lioness - Sarabi's (The Queen's) Servants
Queen Ant, Princess Atta, young ants, a lioness - Young Mothers
Mufasa's Ghost - God
The Great Prince and other animals - Inhabitants
Lady's pups - Children of Lady (I will not tell if they survived Scar or not)

From different locations, The Pharaoh (Mufasa) orders his Guards to keep the slaves at work to improve his empire, An inhabitant of the Forest Area (The Great Prince) warns the inhabitants that his top Guards will head to the the location. During the time, the slaves are beaten savagely to keep working. They sing for freedom to God for help. One of the slaves (Geppetto) has a hard time working. While the slaves were beaten, a young Prince Ramesses ( Baby Simba) is born. In the Forest Area, Yocheved (Bambi's Mother) plans to send just-born Moses (Bambi) out so he can be free, Lady (Lady) helps her. By the time Yocheved is ready, the guards have arrived and orders the mothers to give them the newborns, a lioness was injured whilst trying to protest however, no matter how hard she tried, her child was taken. Very few children have survived... Lady became shocked as her pups were attacked by one of the guards (Scar) (I will not tell you if they survived or not). Yocheved managed to escape with a sleeping Moses, she see a river and heads for it. Moses starts to open his eyes, however he could not see his mother as it was too early to open them. Before Yocheved could say good-bye, she sings her lullaby to him to soothe Moses, making him to fall asleep. Yocheved lets go of Moses' basket. As she watches it float away, she pleads the river to send him somewhere safe and then she leaves. As the basket floats away, Olivia, a peasant, sees the basket and follows it through the Prridelands. Olivia starts to worry as animals go through the river that they crush the basket. However the baskets makes it's way to the "Royal Gardens" of the palace, where the royals live. One of the servants (Nala), whilet drinking later sees something and tells the Queen (Sarabi), the Queen. They both worry as it could be an attack, but she opens the basket and see Moses, opening and seeing through his eyes clearly for the first timeand see the Queen as his mother. She is kind-hearted and sees the creature as no threat and loves him instantly, although the lioness servants are unsure as they never saw a deer before (neither as the Queen). She takes Moses to the Pharaoh, Baby Ramesses follows curiously. The Pharoah was unsure about adopting Moses, but later accepts it. The slaves still are praying to God to let them free. Yocheved heads back to help the mothers and her best friend Lady...

I admit, I was proud of this, yet I was unsure about the ending. I was going to Pinocchio as Baby Moses but he was too old for the baby role and he didn't have an adult form. I was also put Faline as the little singing girl (Miriam), but in the film, Moses and Miriam are related so I didn't put her in. I am not making Olivia and Bambi related either. For Lady, when I edited her in my video, she seemed very strong-willed and I thought "I delare you Leader of the slaves!" XD. For the villian, Simba (Ramesses), I didn't want Scar to be the villian because he just didn't fit the seriousness of Ramesses, Adult Simba had the right expressions for the older version of Ramesses. Bambi got the title role because he was young and he had something that fits him to Moses. Mufasa became the Pharaoh because... Well, he is King :P.

Disney's Bambi
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Disney's Pinocchio
Disney's Robin Hood
Disney's Lady and the Tramp
Disney's/Pixar's Toy Story
Disney's/Pixar's A Bug's Life
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The song is called "Deliver Us" from the film "Prince of "Egypt"

The characters belongs Disney/Pixar and the Music/Song belongs to Hans Zimmer/Dreamworks! There not mine!! And I make no money out of this!!

Please enjoy the video! ;]


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