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Published on Nov 2, 2007

Are you a sociopath? Take the test!

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Juszl Z
I immediately said blue hammer... 
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Prithvi Parekh
Juszl Z is red hammer good or bad cause that's what I said
Joshua Jerry Abraham
I said orange hammer 😐
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i couldn't even think of a colour and a tool. i guess im just retarded
CrOsSeD Up Tv
Black dildo
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Sofly _
MultiKonrad100 more then a phycopath
Sofly _
MultiKonrad100 XD
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Adam's Silver
Blue Hammer!
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Pi Tau
Same thing lol
Jose RicoTacoNachoQuesadillaMandillaJones
as in hes actually a sociopath? pretty sure thats a coincidence man
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Purple wrench... -> The reason people think of a red hammer is as following: Red is a colour of frustration, which occurs by asking people questions like '85+16',we like to see '85+15' to get a round number, but '85+16' kind of frustrates us, it is slightly annoying. However, any person that has seen a lot harder mathematical problems than these, wouldn't be as frustrated or annoyed, and might find these very 'easy'. With 'easy' come colours like 'blue, black and purple'. People who chose other colours than blue, black, purple or red, most likely intended to choose a 'strange' colour knowing this is a test. The hammer, is because for most people a hammer is the first thing they think about when people are asked about tools, here comes to problem with language. If you are thinking in a different language, like me, you most likely won't choose the same object, because in your language or culture there might be a way more obvious choice. I for one, played a game called 'Cluedo', and for some reason a memory about a wrench still sticks; so when I'm asked about a 'tool': my most obvious answer is: A wrench. Won't disagree I might be a sociopath though...
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9537321689901047194 1038194628506
I said red because it was my favorite color and hammer because that's the most common tool. 😂
Eh, that's a pretty logical and objective conclusion, fucking sociopath (I'm just kidding.) I thought red axe going by a past comment I just noticed, because apparently I keep getting drawn to that weird side of YT again. This time around I thought red toolbox. I play a /lot/ of video games, a red axe is a common object in a lot of games, therefore that's probably why it stuck out in my head (Not to mention we use to chop firewood with a red axe when I was a child, so meh.) The reason I thought red toolbox is because I played a game called Space Station 13 a lot since 2003, the year it was published on BYOND by Exadv1, and red toolboxes were a common way to beat people to fucking death and just leave their battered corpse laying there in blood when these features were finally added. They were one of the most common things you could get your hands on in SS13 back then; so, due to that, it was one of the most popular weapons and red toolboxes are highly nostalgic to any veterans of SS13 (along with tasers and bombs.) Maybe I have issues, but I'm not inflicted with psychopathy; I've never seriously hurt anyone in my life, but then again, I've never had a reason to.
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Wow. Well, I guess my sociopathic/psychopathic ass is off to stab a bunch of people with my mental green screw-driver. Who the hell even came up with this? Was this literally just to troll people? What a lame way to do it.
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Mario Mastar
+Alex Vega Can't have Mario without Luigi! Let's-a GO!
Alex Vega
OMG, I more shocked my first answer was green screw-driver!  LMAO!
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Said red hammer like a normal person.
+MR TURTLE Nah. But to be safe you might not want to be thrusting yourself so hard.
I said dildo and red should I be worry?
Morrigan Miller
I said blue hammer. What does that mean?
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Sean Styles
Iheb Elhani
haha same
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Antonio Caputo
I didnt even fucking say a tool lol I said "shit fuck uuuh orange tool'
Stella Drews
I said green hammer...I'm confused
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+mvb41790 me too
Sebastian Rowse
+mvb41790 Same. Just because my favourite colour is blue
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