Austin & Ally - A High School Rockstar "Songwriting & School" Part 2/2





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Published on Mar 24, 2012

[At the Sonic Boom]
Austin: Ally, I need to tell you something.
Ally: What?
Austin: I...
Dez: (Interrupts Austin) Good news Austin!
Austin: What now Dez? You won another food eating contest?
Dez: No, but I did win a contest for doing the most push-ups!
Ally: But you don't know how to do push-ups.
Dez: I know. I won because I was the only contestant.
Ally: Why?
Dez: The contest was four in the morning.
Ally: Why was it so early?
Dez: Because they couldn't do it at four in the afternoon.
Austin: So what's the good news?
Dez: Trish got you a gig! Tonight at the foodcourt.
Ally: That's awesome!
Austin: Cool! What am I going to sing?
Ally: Sing "Without You"!
Austin: Okay great!

[At the foodcourt]
Trish: Austin go backstage and wait till they call you.
Austin: Got it.
Dez: Wait! I'll just clip this microphone here so you can play the guitar.
Austin: Ouch!
Dez: Did the clip hurt you?
Austin: No, you're stepping on my foot.
Dez: Oh sorry.
Austin: Why are you wearing soccer shoes?
Dez: Because I lost my golf shoes.
(Austin goes backstage with Ally)
Austin: Ally, I think it's the right time to tell you this.
Dez: Put these on. (Gives Trish headphones and they wear them) It's so quiet.
Trish: What??!!
(Dez accidentally presses a button, which turns on Austin's Microphone)
*Note: Everyone at the mall can hear everything Austin is saying.
Austin: I can't hide my feelings any longer.
Ally: What do you mean Austin?
Austin: I've been wanting to tell you that...
Ally: That what?
Austin: That since the first time I laid my eyes on you, I felt like I couldn't look away. It was like love at first sight. I'm in love, with you...
Ally: Sorry what?
Austin: I'm in love with you!
Ally: I know, I heard you the first time I just wanted to hear you say it again. So you really like me?
Austin: Yeah! Why do you think I get nervous around you?

[Austin's flashback]
Ally: Hey Austin.
Austin: Hey Ally. (Nervous)
(Austin picks up Dez's bottle of vinegar instead of his drink. He drinks it and spits it on Dez's face)
Ally: Eewww...
Dez: Was that my bottle of vinegar?
Ally: No Dez, it was paint. (Being sarcastic)

[In the present]
Ally: Austin, I feel the same way. I didn't know how to tell you before.
Crowd: Awww!!
Austin: What's happening outside? (Looks out the curtain)
Ally: Austin your microphone is on!
Austin: Dez! Why did you turn on the microphone?!
Dez: (Still wearing the headphones) What??!!

[At the Sonic Boom]
Dez: So you're telling me that everyone heard your conversation with Ally and knows that you like her?
Austin: Yes!
Dez: How come I didn't hear anything?
Trish: Has Austin asked you out yet?
Ally: No, because the whole mall were listening to our conversation!
Trish: I wasn't listening. Anyways, you two should talk alone, Dez and I have something important to do.
Dez: No we don...(Trish pinches his ear while dragging him out the store)...Oouch!
*Austin & Ally laughs*
Austin: So, let's continue our conversation.
Ally: You're not wearing any microphones are you?
Austin: Nope, nothing.
Ally: Good (Smiles)
Austin: So... Ally, do you want to be my girl?
Ally: Yes!
Austin: Wow, that was fast!
Ally: Ok, Y-e-s (Says it slowly)
Austin: Haha, I'm glad I met you...
Ally: Me too... Well, it's late... I'll see you at school tomorrow!
Austin: Alright (Smiles)
Ally: Goodnight! (Kisses Austin on the cheek)
Austin: (Smiles then leaves)

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