Scars~A Kiana Love Story~ Chapter 2: You're Not Alone Girl





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Published on Nov 25, 2011

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???: "My name is Kendall i wrote the first song you sang.... Memories and Melodies?"
D: "Oh yeah i thought you looked familiar but i had no idea it was you..."
K: "Thats understandable you dont seem like the girl to listen to stuff like my music"
D: "well thats the thing i just heard this cuz my sister is in like love with that type of music" I rolled my eyes
K: "oh alright then why are you here sitting here when its like freezing out here" Takes his jacket off and puts it around me
D: "No i dont need it i'll be fine i'm gonna have to learn to survive out here since i'm probably gonna be here the rest of my life." Tries taking the jacket off but Kendall looks at me with a puppy dog look and i keep it on.
K: "Why would you be here for the rest of your life?"
D: "My Jerk of a mom kicked me out cuz i'm a "Failure" In her eyes"
K: "You dont seem like that and your mom sounds terrible she really said that?"
D: "Sure did now i have nowhere to go" I frowned
K: "well you could always stay with me and the guys if you want we wouldn't mind having you there its my treat plz just come and stay as long as you need" He placed his hand on my shoulder
D: "I couldn't ask you to do th-" I was cut off by Kendall putting his hand over my mouth
K: "Shut up" He laughed" Your welcome to stay with us and idc what you say"He takes his hand off my mouth
D: Fine since your so stubborn and even though i hardely know you" I start picking my stuff up and look at him
K: " actually....Diana... I know you probably dont remember me but....... its me...Kendall Schmidt from......Kindergarten?" He holds his arms out in assurance
D:" Your joking!!!!! Theres no way your cry baby kendall!!! Man you turned out nice!!" I said somewhat loudly
K: "Could you be anymore louder?!? and yes its me" He chuckles" Ive grown up and it looks like you have too " he says as he winks at me
D: " Okay pretty boy lets just get to your house its about to.........rain" I say as it just starts to pour
K: "alright Little lady lets go" He puts his arm around me and we walk to his car in the rain

Diana's POV:
This could be the beginning of a beautiful Friendship.....although.......Ugh Nevermind

We arrive at his apartment
K: "MOM i have someone i want you to meet" He yells as we enter the door and he takes his jacket and hangs it up
MS: "what is it sweetheart? i'm bus-- Oh whose this?" Pointing at me
K: "Mom i'd like you to meet one of my old bestfriends from kindergarten, Diana Lambert, Diana this is my Mom Kathy Schmidt" He says as i read out and shake her hand
D: " Nice to meet you Mrs. Schmidt" I said smiling then i hear screaming in the background
???: "THATS MINE JAMES!!!!!!!!!!"
J: "IT WAS MINE FIRST" A tall boy with brown hair says to a hispanic looking munchkin
???: " I BOUGHT IT JAMES!!! GIVE IT BACK" the hispanic says fighting over some kind of pie or dessert or something i dont even know
???: "GUYS BREAK IT UP I"M TRYING TO WRITE THIS NEW SONG FOR THE ALBUM!!" a guy says that has somewhat a faux hawk
K: "GUYS I HAVE A GIRL I WANT YOU TO MEET"Kendall yells above everyone and they all stare at us
Now. this is Diana, Diana Lambert..remember.from kindergarten?" he says trying to get the boys attention
J:"Well hello there Diana from Kindergarten i'm in a band and i bet your pretty impressed huh?" he says as combing his hair
D:"Okay one. Stop now pretty boy before that comb is shoved somewhere combs aren't needed and two whatever your trying to do the last thing thats going to happen is you getting in my pants which i know is what you want."i say and he does a very high pitched scream or whatever
K:"See James you dont want to mess with her remember she's the one that glued your head to the swingset?" then james throws his hands to his head and gets in the armidillo position
D:" You know what James?" I look down at him he looks up in terror
J:" What?" He says high pitched
D:" U'll find out what i've learned since then too " Gives and evil glare "Just wait" Me and kendall go to his room and i unpack since there were no other rooms i had to stay in his
K:"Hey Diana?" He sounded nervous
D" Whats up Kendork?" I sat next to him on his bed
K:"Can I talk to you about something important?" He wasnt even looking at me did i do something?
D:" Sure anything" I was worried about him
K:" Well there's this.....Girl i really like and i dont know how to tell her i've known her for a while and i reallly wanna tell her how i feel but i've never been in this situation before could you plz help me?"
D:"yeah sure kendall well possibly she likes you back but you never know so all you have to do is tell her and just hope for the best" I said dissapointed cuz it probably wasn't me even though i've had the biggest crush on him since like 1st grade
K: "Well thanks.and Diana" He finally looks at me and grins "Uhm this is kinda awkward"

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