A mini Jemi Story 1x03





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Published on Jan 1, 2010

Hey, I made this yesterday, but I was too busy to upload it (because it was New Year's Eve xD)

So, this time it's in the vid and the d-box. :)

Demi: Hey, I'm Demi Lovato.
Nick:[His whole body was filled with shock; he just stared at her and said nothing.]
Demi:[Confused.] Are you okay? [Touches her face.] Do I have something on my face?
Nick:[Shakes his head.] No. I'm just incredibly shocked that you, the famous Demi Lovato is at our doorstep!
Demi: Well, if you let me in, then I can explain everything.
Nick opens the door wider to let Demi in, then he shuts the door.
Nick: Would you excuse me for a moment?
Demi:[She nods.] Sure.
Nick goes upstairs and into Joe's room.
Nick: Hey Joe, you'll never believe who's downstairs.
Joe: Unless it's Demi Lovato, I could care less.
Nick: Well, I guess you care then.
Joe:[He looks up at Nick; confused.] Huh?
Nick: Demi is downstairs right now.
Joe: Is this your idea of a joke? Because it's not funny.
Nick: No, I'm serious. If you come downstairs, then you'll find out that I'm telling the truth.
Joe:[Sighs.] Fine, I'll go downstairs.
Nick:[Smiles.] Good. You're not gonna regret this, trust me.
Joe and Nick walk downstairs.
Joe:[Looks at Demi and he has the same expression that Nick had when he first saw her.] Are you Demi Lovato?
Demi:[Smiles.] Yes, I am. Are you a fan?
Joe: Yeah, I'm like your biggest fan.
Demi: Aww, that's so sweet.
Nick: Yeah, and not to mention he's in love with you! He's always staring at your pictures and he knows everything there is to know about you, except the reason why you're here right now.
Joe:[Blushes and looks down.]
Demi:[Can't help but smile.]
Demi tells them everything that happened and what caused her to run away.
Joe/Nick:[Both shocked.] Wow.
Joe:[He felt really bad for her, so he pulled her into a hug, while she begins to cry again.] I can't believe your father would do that to you.
Nick: Me neither. But, I can see why you would run away from home.
Demi: Yeah, and now I need a place to stay for awhile. I've packed some clothes and money and stuff, so I should be okay.
Joe: You can stay here!
Demi: Are you sure? I mean, you don't have too.
Nick:[He looks at Joe who is smiling like an idiot because the love of his life could be staying at their house.] Yeah, you can stay. We have a guest room, so you can stay in there. We've got to make sure that our parents approve of you staying first, though.
They explained everything to Kevin and when their parents got home, they explained everything again and asked if Demi could stay and she's allowed.
With Demi, in her room.
Demi:[She feels her phone vibrate in her pocket, so she took it out and answered it.] Hello?
Demi:[Sarcastic.] Well, hi to you!
Selena: Sorry. But, I came over your house and you weren't there! Your dad knows that you're gone, too!
Demi: Well, I'm fine. But, I'm not telling you where I am!
Selena: What? Why not? I'm your best friend!
Demi: Because I don't want you to tell my dad or come find me!
Selena: So, you don't trust me?
Demi: Of course I do. I just don't want to tell you yet. I will soon, just not yet.
Selena: Ok, fine. As long as you do tell me.
Demi: Yeah, well I gotta go. Bye Sel.
Selena: Alright, bye Dems.
They hang up.
Demi:[She hears a knock at the door.] Come in!
Joe:[He opens the door.] Hey Demi.
Demi:[Smiles.] Hey Joe, what's up?
Joe: Um, I was wondering if you want to maybe hang out tomorrow? You don't have too, but it would be really great if you do.




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