And I Am Telling You (Random Girl)(SM Megamall)





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Published on Jul 28, 2012

Came across this random girl when I heard her sing it gave me goosebumps. You have a powerful voice! Hats-off! If u get a chance to watch this whoever you are! You've got it!

(Updated post: Just met her, she's Zendee Rose Japitana Tenerefe.)
You can click on the tag "zendeerosetenerefe"and it will direct you to her YouTube channel.

And to answer ur questions,Yes I was the one who took the video.

********* UPDATED POST as of September 4, 2012
I'd like to make clear that during the time I took this video. I didn't know who this girl was. So to those who are saying that this was all a show. You're all wrong! She was just at the right place at the right time.

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Nahuel Martínez
Is it me or everybody in the Philippines can sing extremely well?? #lol  I've found several videos of Filipinos singing and they all rock at it :P Oh, and her voice has a little Charice on it too :3 
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Orly Bagona
Nahuel Martínez well,, Im filipino.. and your country is one of the great.. Hope to go there.. Lol.
Kristine Esguerra
Hahahah i know 😂😂 hahaha 
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Selenie Williams
i think this is the same girl singing a withney houston song in the same mall in another vid..she has talent though
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Phoenix Glud
+Kevin H wow ._.
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Michael Mattis
I have a theory that many filipinos sing extremely well because even when they just speak it is very melodic. They have this metered speaking of louds and softs usually stressing 2nd syllable on every word. Therefore they do 24/7 vocal exercises. Nkw if you are filipino and have musical inclination chances are you will sing well.
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Jenny Rosales
im a filipino and yes i admit that most of filipinos know how to sing because we love singing 😄😄😄
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Between 2:28 and 2:29 I've heard someone is saying " Hindi nya Kaya " which means " she can't hit it " in English or something like that .. Who ever you are fucking bitch I'm sure that even the lowest note on that song can give you heart attack and can bring you in to your grave. 
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Accept it! Some ignorant pinoys still have the mentality of crabs that loves to pull others down. Masaktan na kayo but you better re educate yourselves! Truth hurts! You will never be this random girl!
+GioTalent  Damn, dude. Calm down. Your icon. I bet you have more evil than good. Right?
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random girl ? no , she's a pro girl -_-
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Alfredo Cardoza
Ranggadhan No she's a random girl... it is a karaoke public. U understand that!!?
nHeL Zruc
Nope, before she got pro, she usually sing in malls then she got discovered.
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Random girl aka the girl with the red backpack, was homeless at this time. EVERYTHING she owned in the whole world was in her backpack, which she wore all the time. She and her mother slept in a fire station where they had to leave before it opened in the morning. She sang in malls on karaoke machines hoping to discovered. After this 'random girl' was discovered on youtube ,she appeared on the Ellen show, then was signed with EMI International for a record deal. Happy ending.
bossZtronyem bomb
She's going to jail cure she just killed that song
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Herbiie Supeda
thanks for the concern.
Yul Olaivar
+bossZtronyem bomb LOL !!!.
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This girl needs to be famous
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she is now
dang she really made it big! good for her, she's one of the few who truly deserve to be famous!
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critter corner
in the philippines, this is so normal.. you can see people singing awesomely almost everyday in malls.. :D
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creon27 creon27
so true... only in the Philippines.. =D
Irven Josh
That's so true!!! I often go to malls and I hear many Filipinas sing on karaokes. Well I haven't seen nor heard a Filipino boy sing on malls yet xD
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Am I the only one that noticed the karaoke screen started showing 2NE1's Fire MV? 😂
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oh my god are you kimbap kidding?
Unknownsinger10 Scenes from Kpop MVs or Korean dramas will usually appear on the karaoke screens
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