Nemi Story- Episode 84





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Published on Jan 11, 2009

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*The next morning.*
Nick- *shouting up the stairs* Demi! Hurry!
Demi- *running down the stairs* sorry!
Nick- *looks at her in her skinny jeans* you look nice.
Demi- *smiles and grabs her shoes* okay lets go.
Joe- hey hey! Where are you two going?
Nick- were going out all day. Just us two.
Demi- *smiles* yep. Were going to the beach.
Nick- we are? *looks at Demi*
Demi- yes.. I want to show off my bikini *giggles at nicks reaction*
Joe- *looks at nick and smiles* good luck dude! *as Demi walks out the door he pulls nick back* Ill find out if you cheat
Nick- *gives him evils as he walks out*

*with Selena and Kevin.at the smoothes shop*
Kevin- *sitting opposite Selena with his smoothie* yum. Chocolately.
Selena- *smiles and drinks her* yum strawberry!
Kevin- *laughs*
Selena- *bits her lip whilst drinking from the straw and staring at Kevin*
Kevin- lena! Its not going to work.
Selena- *innocently* what isnt?
Kevin- whatever youre trying to do.
Selena- nothing *still staring at Kevin*
Kevin- *gulps his drink* lets go *grabs her hand*
Selena- *walking with Kevin to the car* where are we going?
Kevin- I dont know *stops* where do you want to go?
Selena- back to yours *starts rubbing his chest*
Kevin- no no! we definitely need to stay in public places.
Selena- *laughs* fine! Lets go shopping.
Kevin- *thinking- shell be busy shopping. Too busy to tease me* yes thats good!

*with Nemi..*
Nick- *holding her hand walking onto a spot on the beach. He lays there towels down and takes his jeans and top off*
Demi- *smiles* wow. Someones looking extra hot today.
Nick- *smiles* well you know how I do it! *walks like a model on the catwalk*
Demi- *laughing* omg! That is the funniest thing ever. *takes her clothes off to reveal a bikini*
Nick- *stares at her then grabs her over his shoulder*
Demi- NICK! Put me down now!
Nick- no! *runs into the water with her*
Demi- arrghh! *grabs round his neck* Nicholas I could kill you!
Nick- but you love me too much to do that! *grins*
Demi- *smiles and leans in*
Nick- *goes under water and starts poking her legs and tickling her feet*
Demi- *laughing* nick!
Nick- *comes up smiling*
Demi- *pokes her tongue out and gets out the water and sits on the towel*
Nick- whats wrong babe? *sits next to her*
Demi- you and your stupid bet.
Nick- *confused* huh?
Demi- *sighs* I give up. I overheard you, Joe and Kevin making that bet about not kissing or doing anything with us. I told Lena and Mandy and we all decided to play along and tease you.
Nick- that explains so much. But I just didnt want to loose.
Demi- *rolls her eyes*
Nick- come on please help me win!
Demi- o right. Like we kiss and that in private but we pretend like we actually havent *fake smiles*
Nick- *grins* yer!
Demi- *whacks him* dont you dare use me Nicholas! Nope you want to win then fine. Im not going to be kissing you anyway. And even after you win Im not going to let you near me.. .for punishment.
Nick- *jaw drops* Demi! Dont do this to me.
Demi- *folds her arms*
Nick- *starts tickling her*
Demi- *breaks and laughs and falls back*
Nick- *over her* I know how to work you.
Demi- *bites her lip and smirks* Im the one who can live without kissing you. But you not kissing me. *thinks* thats a problem *smiles and sits up*
Nick- *lays down and covers his head with his hands*

*at the JB house.*
Kevin- *sitting silently next to Selena looking at Joe*
Joe- *sitting next to Mandy and looking at Kevin*
Selena- *looks to Mandy and nods* guy this has to stop! *her and Mandy both grab Joe and Kevin and kiss them*
Kevin- lena!
Joe- damn it! Mandy thanks.
Mandy- shut up Joe! We knew about your stupid little bet and it was getting stupid. No one was breaking.
Joe- my money was on Nick. Demi knows how to work him best. But hey I guess he won.
Selena- *smiles and starts making out with Kevin*
Joe- *looks and Mandy and tries to kiss her*
Mandy- o no Jonas! You dont just get me like that.
Joe- *folds his arms and sulks*
Nick- o hey guys *looks at Kevin and Selena* o wow.
Joe- you won. Mandy grabbed me I had no choice.
Demi- *pats Nicks back* aww! I bet your so ecstatic you won.
Nick- *smiles* YER! IN YOUR FACE STUPID BROTHERS! *sees Demi looking at him and stops*
Demi- *smiles* dont stop on my account. We both know your dieing to kiss me and lets face it. Your not allowed to!
Nick- *gets on his knees* Demi Lovato I love you and I was stupied. I beg for your forgiveness and only hope you will be kind enough to allow me to kiss you once again *pouts face*
Joe- *laughing* omg.. loser!
Demi- *laughs and walks to Nicks room*
Nick- *follows her* what are you doing?
Demi- Ill let you kiss me again. *nick leaps forward. She leans back* hold up frizz boy! I mean after you do some things for me *smiles*
Nick- what things.?
Demi- *smiles evilly*



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