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Uploaded on Oct 4, 2008

The day has finally come, I got a chance to record my Proto-Babil battle on my third playthrough of my perfect game. I wasn't particularly pleased with this battle, since it didn't turn out like the other unrecorded battles before this one.

This video was also a pain to get, since I filmed at night, which turned out a lot better for me since my DS shows better during the darkness, but sometimes there's still bluriness, even though the backlight's turned off. It took me 3 total attempts to record the product displayed here. The first one exceeded the time limit, the second one was rudely interrupted by Laser Barrage, and the third one ended up in Rydia being KO'd at the end of the battle, but I chose this as my final product.

Prior to this video, I've already defeated Proto-Babil thrice, once on my New Game + file, and twice on my New Game ++ file. It was very tough getting the victory in New Game +, since I used Ultima, and I didn't want to record that because it would be too frustrating.

This video also shows my Augment Guide and stat tables, and I will use annotations to explain everything that may be asked about this video once I upload them.

Final Fantasy IV DS: Augment Guide/Max Stat Tables (2)[Spoilers]

FFIV DS Augment Guide version 1.1

All information, previously shown as annotations:

Pre-Battle information:

Tellah: Tsunami, Bardsong
Edward: Gil Farmer, Auto-Potion
Yang: Recall, Last Stand
Palom: Item Lore
Porom: Auto-Potion, Curse
Cid: Twincast, Recall
Fusoya: Inferno, Analyze

Kain: 1 HP, 379 MP
Rydia: 8242 HP, 999 MP
Cecil: 551 HP, 999 MP
Rosa: 3248 HP, 996 MP
Edge: 4180 HP, 710 MP

Proto-Babil information:

To be able to attempt a battle with Proto-Babil, you must have a Dark Matter item, stolen from Zeromus. He is only fought on a New Game + or ++ file.
I don't think I'll need to explain my battle strategy, since it's pretty self-explanatory, and simple to follow.

Proto-Babil has 400000 HP, and he has these moves in his current repertoire:

Light of Babil (strong damage to 1 target)

Ninth Dimension

Laser Barrage as a counterattack (moderate-strong damage to all party members)

You can also steal a Megalixir from him (19% chance of success each attempt)

Dualcasting Curaja on Proto-Babil is VERY important, because it will use Divine Judgment when it is BELOW 120000 HP. It is a very powerful multi-target attack, and it can potentially wipe out the party in 1 go.

It can also use Heal, which restores EXACTLY 28571 HP each time.

It also replaces its Laser Barrage counter to Object 199, which will deal much more damage compared to Light of Babil.

Other information:

Before realizing it, the user with the Darkness status attacking must have more than 1 HP in order for it to work. I made a good decision to use Cure on the entire party to bring Kain's HP a little bit up.

Just after this battle, I realized that having Kain Jump was too slow, since Cecil can already deal 99999 damage with Attack with 3x Focus, Darkness, and Adrenaline, as long as Proto-Babil is under Cry.


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