Call Of Duty - Modern Warfare 2 - Act 1-4 No Russian Veteran Speedrun





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Published on Dec 15, 2009

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On this mission you control PFC Allen, the guy from the first and second missions, he was sent by Shepard as a spy on Makarov and now attacks a fictional russian airport named after the enemy from mw1.

The first part of the level your speed is capped to walking, can't sprint nor jump, I try wall strafing when walls are close, otherwise take the shortest path that gets me in front of my terrorist allies, in the meantime I play the role I am given and kill some people, shoot some flags, drop shattered glass on them, that sort of thing.

The whole section is scripted for my buddies, so they will shoot regardless of me being on their line of fire. Well in fact they don't shoot, the bullets are scripted, and there are many parts I get "shot" when they have already stopped firing.

The first time if you get shot thrice you made it perfect, a fourth time is death. Preventing death here is easy, keep that sign post in front of you and wait a second after everyone stops firing.

The second time, after climbing the stairs is luck mostly, point your crosshair exactly where I do for maximum chance of survival, you can get shot once, twice or not at all, but if you get a third shot you can be sure the fourth will come.

Once the shooting stops you can return your crosshair to the optimal path. You don't have to exclusively move like that because you'll have extra time later, so feel free to fool around.

Then comes the first cop, he is a joke, the second group, with two cops, those aim at a random target, if it's you, it can be deadly, but you can avoid death by proning for a second as soon as you get shot, you don't waste time because there's lots of free time later.

After the cops you see me taking the lead but then proning, there comes a shooting session by my pals, and never got to the stairs going down, but all the way up to there is deadly, in fact the spot I prone is a very narrow sweetspot where you get shot but not enough to die, that's why I look at the floor, to make sure I am about there, you have to look at about 45º angle and line your top view with the floor lines before the elevator, you will die a LOT here. Otherwise you can wait behind them.

If you get in front you will be able to sprint al the way to the door, otherwise the sprint will be disabled on the way and you will have to walk again when you reach the lower floor. With the free time I can play terrorist and take down two police helicopters that are dropping some forces on ground. This does not seem to save time because I didn't notice a difference in their numbers from doing this.

Now starts the confrontation and you can save time here, to get through this you must kill everyone on ground. The first wave can be handled by Makarov and co, the second, smaller wave won't, but its small. There will be two reinforcements coming after that in a couple trucks, the waves have shields so attacking them from behind is better, and the trucks will spawn if you try to do that so I destroy them and then kill the second wave and then whatever remnants left. That guy that almost killed me doesn't attack that early (luckily I was quicker at the draw) but most runs over due to him, when he locks on you he doesn't stop until you are dead.

The trucks can explode by one tube shot, but usually the grenade bounces, disappears or just doesn't get the truck to explode, so my improvement came from one-shotting them which saved time from reloading for a second shot.

Then the renmants were more than usual but were al grouped together which meant they went down to one tube. The problem is that that riot shield hiding behind the column never happens, never. And his position saved him from the tube, then I shot a grenade behind him but he somehow survived GRR!!, he should have killed me in one burst but I got lucky, I could have killed him without flashing but I was expecting him to start shooting me and if I were to survive the bursts I would have limited vision, and there were probably others around (and there were) so I feel I did well.

Then I was lucky enough that both strays were in line of sight, didn't kill me and died quickly triggering the final sprint.

The guys on the second floor don't matter. I only get one completed run per day due to veteran and game crashes :P


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