Betasso Preserve Mountain Bike Trail - Complete. Boulder, Colorado




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Published on May 15, 2013

Here's how I did on the different sections Compared to the other riders (I WON one!!! check it out https://www.strava.com/segments/1776235

- Canyon Loop Descent CCW: 5:25 192nd out of 679 Total. 140th/607 Men, 4th/73 Women
- Fourmile Link Trail (Benjamin to Fourmile) 6:01 149/362 Total 141/325 Men, 10/37 Women
- FOUR MILE CONNECTOR OUTBOUND 10:09 193/356 179/320 Men, 31/36 Women
- Fourmile to Benjamin Connector 6:49 190/472 181/419 Men 10/53 Women
- Benjamin to Four Mile connector stairs 2:19 1/390 1/350 1/40
- Four Mile Link to Creek Down 1:29 49/473 46/420 4/53
- Turnaround back towards Canyon Rdac 1:07:42 335/412 35/36
- Photo Party! --Ride Canyon loop w/ heavy camera gear. 31:38 106/168 99/152 14/16
- Betasso (CCW) 32:24, 317/478, 289/434, 29/44
- Canyon Loop Descent CCW 9:04 142/679, 140/607, 56/73
- Benjamin Link North 6:41 302/828, 286/737, 80/92

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