LEMONADE: Bizarre Fun Silly Random Humor, Monty Python Style





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Published on Mar 30, 2009

A blend of Monty Python, Tom Green, Veggie Tales, and Will Ferrell styles. Sorta like the Piggy or Bum Song meets the Matrix, Freddy vs Jason, and Abercrombie & Fitch. PLEASE SEE THE FIRST COPYRIGHT NOTICE ON THE VIDEO AND IGNORE THE SECOND.

This is my first attempt at applying my original comedy music to video. I think I've found a great cheap style to use: flashing pictures while the song goes by, cuz video takes more time (I probably spent at least six hours creating the matrix cloud parody, only to MISPELL LEMONADE).

You can check out my first album on SoundClick.com/Squish, and check back here at YouTube/SquishToGo for new stuff. Thanks to my parents and Adam Blackman for taking a few days off from work to contribute the words "clorox," "aspercreme," and "chronic obstructive pulmonary disease" to the video, and no thanks to the rest of the planet who didn't. E.g. Michael Tiney and Pepe.


lemonade, lemonaid tastes so fruity when it's made
lemonade, lemonaid, i drank a gallon yesterday
(lem, lem), is made from...
water and sugar and lemons and water and
sugar and sugar and water and lemons and
lemons and water and water and sugar and
[system of a down: SUGAR!]
lemons and water and sugar and water and BEER.
[system of a down: SUGAR!]

gatorade gatorade
my ninteteenth level jock was slayed
gatorade, killers drowning kittens in it inhumane
gatorade gatorade is made from...
candles & surfboards & strawberry smurf dolls &
tampons & ladders & saint bernard bladders &
treason & kant's critique of pure reason for
taking so long at the counter to purchase a condom

gatorade is drunk at a football field
is it in you? if is then drink the cure until you're healed
and the jocks swallow swallow never spit it
cheerleaders swallow swallow never spit it

chocolate quick, polo stick, the last wish of a dying brick
diet coke... fetus yolk
protagonists in the book i wrote
mountain dew, blue shampoo
now sold in smooshy pills you chew
antifreeze, organic peas,
and cottage cheese and lost car keeys
are all made from

the gold ring of power, the sword of shannara,
an old race of elves and ten ogres named laura;
jedis with armies of stormtrooper florists
and nine herds of jocks to beat up the dorks
and the hackers who jack off to scifi and fantasy stories

the gator-skinned green pepto bismol i bought you
a sk8r-boy-toY ota/oda says do or not do there is no
try/tri- atha lon/lawn fertali zer/sur plus...

of a blend of natural oils, vinegar, modified food starch, and less than 2% of salt, mustard, sodium asphate sulfer to protect flavor, not a significant source of frosted flakes, prune juice, cruel intentions 3 or diet snapple.
I didn't say clorox, I said snapple.
I didn't say frickin' aspercreme, I said snapple!
(I love Wikipedia)


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