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Published on Feb 27, 2012

The start of the New Year is the perfect time to bring some change into our lives, and losing weight is often at the top of our "to do" lists. But the problem with many diets or weight-loss programs is that they simply aren't sustainable. In fact, 95% of people put any weight lost through dieting straight back on within four years. Dr Luc promises to change all of that, for good.

In Dr Luc's Promise, he shows us that fundamentally, it's about changing our behaviour, rather than simply the food we eat. You'll learn why stopping gym may be just the thing you need and why spending more time sleeping can actually help you lose weight (sounds good to us!).
In his Penguin-published book, Dr Luc explains why the basic ideas we are fed about dieting are often the very reason that we cannot lose weight. Dr Luc's Promise will give readers the tools to re-engineer what they think they know about diets and dieting, allowing them to finally understand what is preventing them from attaining their ideal weight.

• Don't force your body
Relax about your weight, relax about your food. There is nothing that you cannot eat; there is nothing you have to eat. Know some basic facts, show relaxed restraint, certainly never go on a diet, and your body will bring you to your ideal weight. All you have to do it is help it along. Do not force it, or it will revolt.

• Practical advice
I have not read every single weight control book that exists of course, but I have a pretty good idea of what's out there. No other book is based on so much scientific literature as this one. No other book gives the reader so much practical advice that is so easy to follow, and that is all proven to work. Very few other books are so honest - while doing the research, I sometimes had to change my own opinion about certain matters, because science was not backing up my opinions. Very few books are as complete. My goal is to change the world, and one can't change the world with nonsenseThere is no financial spin-off for me in the form of pills or exercise packs or meal replacement drinks. Our own physiology will work its magic, but we must allow it to do so.

• 174 suggestions to help you achieve an idea weight
If you want to lose 20 kilograms in a week, this is not the book for you. Those 20 kilograms will be back. I want my readers to achieve their ideal weight - and to be happy - for the rest of their lives. They're not going to get there by losing 20 kilograms in a week. But they are going to get there by following a few simple suggestions from this book - and there are 174 suggestions to choose from. They just have to pick what's appropriate to their own tastes and circumstances.


For most people, food is just food, but I'd been made aware in childhood already that food is more than nourishment. It also steers your health.

As a child, I had terrible hay fever. A whole afternoon playing outside in pollen season sometimes made my eyes swell so badly I could hardly see.
Another annoying childhood niggle was recurrent headaches, but I mostly kept quiet about them, because I presumed headaches were just as much part of life as having to go for a haircut.

The hay fever was a problem though. Medication did not help, and staying inside when the sun is shining is for a child in rainy Belgium (my mother country) hardly an option.
My mom went to all sorts of doctors to find a cure, but without much success. One day a naturopath mentioned that what your body gets on the inside, shows on the outside. Therefore he suggested removing all refined foods from my diet, without exception. For me this meant no more sugar, sweets, desserts, chocolates, white bread, or processed food. When my mom cooked carrots, she even stopped adding the usual half a teaspoon of sugar.
It was tough as a twelve-year old to forgo all those things, but it worked. The next season my hay fever was much better, and by continuing the same approach, it disappeared almost totally in the subsequent years. Interestingly, my headaches also went away completely. My interest for food was born, and so was my interest to study medicine.


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