The Scientific Power of Naps





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Published on Jul 24, 2012

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Want an excuse to sleep on the job? Take these scientific tips on "Power-Naps" to get the most energy out of your day, while remaining productive and non-reliant of caffeine. If done properly, naps can change your life!

Written and created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).

TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/AsapSCIENCE
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/AsapSCIENCE

Music by Mitchell Moffit

Art by Gregory and Mitchell

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Comments • 1,789

ragin cajun
They need to allow power naps in highschool it's would be so amazing and way better and more wanted than the kindergarteners 
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Claudia Torres
Dont worry in college youll be free to take all the power naps you want and youll abuse that power and then youll truly get the college experience haha
+Risky Rantung I'm moving to China now.
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Maria Catarina
I watched Jane die.
Stoil Pramatarov
made my day
Those 127 people who thumbs down are probably bosses
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+Jeffery Sauter its a paradox
Jeffery Sauter
The thing is if it makes their workers more productive for the whole time making them more money so why would you hate something that can help you
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Caleb Souza
i wish i could take a nap for 30 minutes, but every time i try to do it, i wake up 4 hours later...
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Attach alarm clock to lights
Disco Lemonade
Unless your like me. Set alarm for 20 min then after 50 min "wha?" (Just woke up) only light can wake me up.
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Patrick Moreira
Me-  science said so.. Boss-  get the fuckout |:o
Владимир Ленин
Lmao so true the damn capitalist boss
Then why not to nap at school?
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Fuyang Liu
You didn't know? All Chinese young students go home or dorm for a nap before the afternoon sessions start...
Jeffrey Trela
I know, right? Like, every 15 seconds Im at school, I yawn. Plus, I have an IQ of over 163, so I get schoolwork done really fast. Why can't I just take a 20 minute nap?
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I don't understand how some people can just choose to take a nap or go to bed. It doesn't work that way for me. And when I am tired enough to take a nap, I can never get up when I wanted to and sometimes end up sleeping all afternoon, then I'm up all night. Fucking sleep! 
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nouse use
Wow. I can wake up in my Dream, and then i can tell myself wgen i cab wake up in rl
Milan Tomasevic
+eternalnate Maybe I can help you understand. I play poker online, semi-professionall. I start my sesions somewhere around 6pm. Sesions last somewhere from 3-7 hours, depending on how good I run on that day. Now, the way my life works is that I do all the other things before 4pm. I woke up at 9, go to colege, go with friends, all the things normal guy do. At 4 pm, i am having a lunch, resting till 5pm, and than I take power nap till 5:30pm. That nap allows my brain to regain all the energy I lost through the day, so I can focus on playing the best I can. Since I play 6 or more tables at the same time, it is requied to be focused in every moment of the sesion. Without that crucial power nap of 30 minutes that just wouldn't be possible, because my energy is spent on the other things like exams or working out. Hope I gave you some basic info of how powernap can be effective.
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Saul Cifuentes Jazz
I cant take naps its too risky when will i wake up? in an hour ? in two days? no one knows...
Luis A. Salas
I just told my boss that science said so and I got fired.
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Mon Descio
hahahaha u make laugh oh dear
Wendy Solganik
Because they think it's just a excuse for sleeping on the job.
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