Mindless Behaviour Love Story Season 3 Part 2





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Published on Jun 1, 2012

My best friend meets a guy online and went to see him at the mall and now she texts me and says she might have a boyfriend soon. -_- Does she not understand that you have to give it time and be happy first and see if he will hurt you?! Apperantly not! O.K. Nuff of ma rant now back to the story!! :)
Jasmine heard them and and started to scream when they hit the floor. Nikki almost laughed out loud when SKylar did that. But she stopped when she heard them run to them. Angel rolled Nikki over and started to lift up her shirt. SHe almost smacked Roc he pressed an ear to her boobs to see if she was O.K. He heard her chuckle and her heart beat. He starts to laugh and says-

Roc:Their alive the little assholes!!!(laughs)
Nikki:HA! You guys fell for it! Isnt my little baby a good actor!?
Princeton:AcTRESS babydoll.
Nikki:AH whatever! You shouldve seen her face when I told her to play dead. Do it again!

Skylar makes that cute face again and the sound that little furry purple puff makes off Hortan hears a who(;). Everyone nervously laughs as Ashley goes into complete mother overload and checks Nikki and Skylar for any signs of being hurt anywhere at all. She pushes Ashley off as she got close to her boobs.

Ashley:I just wanted to know if your hurt!
Nikki:Yeah,(grabs and pushes boobs together)but you aint touchin' these bad boys!
Ashley:Yup, shes all right.
EO:(laughs)So you guys O.K.?
Princeton:Oh yeah were fine, but the nanny might want some help.

After they get the nanny to the ambulance, Angel comes over with a sympathetic look on her face.

Angel:I know it might hurt to seperate you two, but Ray said Princeton can stay at his house and Nikki, you can stay at mine, cuz we aint havin none of that next door neighbor screamin in our houses.(laughs) I have some clothes you borrow too. Ray says the same goes for you and Skylar. Now the thing is...whos Skylar staying with?
P/N:Me. What? No no no. ME. STOP THAT!
Nikki:No. Now, listen baby. I havent seen my baby girl in the state of mind I should have been. Ive missed two months almost of her life. There aint no way hell,(grabs his chin)Im letting you take her. Plus, two guys in the house with one little baby? Talk about home reckeage! So shes staying with me and Ang. Thats it. Sorry bae, I still love you though(puppy dog eyes)
Princeton:Ah, dont give me that shit!(sighs)Alright! I give you promis-
Nikki:Bitch, please. I dont need no promision. Im taking.(kisses his cheek)Im going to go see my baby!

He watches her get up and run to Skylar. He saw the chemistry fly between Skylar and Nikki. The love passed between them like fireworks. He smiled at the two faces light up and the sight of each other. She showered the baby in kisses and hugs, while Ashley clasped her hands together like she just reunited two countries that had been at war for 100 years.

She was genuinly happy for the two. Angel sat down beside Princeton and nudged his ribs. She smiled a little, but he knew on the inside, she was happy they were all alright.

Angel:You jelly any?
Princeton:Naw. They deserve to be together. Mother and daughter...they say we are to young for this kind of love...we just proved their logics to be DAMN wrong.
Angel:So, what are you and Nikki gonna do about the house...and James.
Princeton:(groans)Dont even get me started! She has a plan to-
Prodigy:Hey man(daps?). So you aight?
Princeton:Yeah. Im fine.
Prodigy:We was all really worried man.
Princeton:Ah, dont be such a chick man.
Angel:(hits his chest)UH! Hey! I take that into offence!
Prodigy:HEY NOW! Dont hurt my girl!

Angel gets up and helps Princeton up too, Prodigy pulls her into his arms and swings her around. She squels as he tickles her sides. Princeton felt a little jealousy creep up in him. But he shook it off. He knew what it was. The thought that he and Nikki was never gonna be able to be happy like that agin now that her time would be focused on the kid. But thats what your supposed to do, right?

Prodigy turns her around and kisses her. Princeton smiles and walks past him and slaps Prods butt.

Princeton:Watch ya self ya pimp! We dont need no more kids around here.(winks at Angel)
Angel:Oh, whateves, we got things we gots to do before we have kids.
Prodigy:KidS?! I thought we agreed on ONE!
Angel:That was last week though doll. I thought by now you would know the way a women thinks(winks)
Prodigy:Ahaha-alittle bit.(mashes the words together)
Princeton:Imma go check on ma wife. Later.
Angel:Tell Nikki we gots to go soon. Moms wanting to take me out today. Maby Nikki can change into some different clothes...(swipes the air)and shower. She smells TERRIBLE. Then we can buy her and Sky some new clothes.
Princeton:I will.

sorry its so short. i ment to do more but i got lazy XD ill do some first thing tmw :)


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