Minecraft 1.3 Full Release - ALL major updates shown!





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Published on Aug 1, 2012

Finally Minecraft 1.3 is out! Lets make this video bombed with LIKES :)!! I spent a long time making this, so possibly a FAVORITE too! This video shows all the major updates in a short amount of time.

If I'm missing any updates, check the Minecraft Wiki below:

Music used:
Olde Timey

Features as they appear in this video:

- Large biomes have been added into the game
- You now have an option to start with a starting chest
- New jungle and desert temples have been added
- Emerald Ores have been added only to Extreme Hill biomes
- Emeralds can be used to trade with villagers or made into blocks
- You can now craft enderchests, which act as a perminate bank anywhere in Minecraft.
- You can now place string on the floor and have them connect to tripwire
- Books now require leather to make
- You can now craft writable books with a book, inksac, and feather. You can write a message or a 50 page novel, then save to share with others
- It only takes 825 experience to get to level 30, with a gradual increase every 15 levels
- Level 30 is the new highest level for enchanting
- You only need 1 row or 15 bookcases to achieve level 30
- Furnaces and mining now give small bits of exp
- Destroying mob spawners give a large amount of exp
- Buckets and signs are now stackable
- Buckets are no longer consumed in a furnace
- Stairs and halfslabs for all wooden planks now
- Stairs and slabs can be placed upside down if placed on the upper half of a block.
- Logs can be now rotated on their sides
-Cocoa beans and gravels texture have been changed
- Cocoa beans can now be placed on jungle logs
- Cookies now heal 1 hunger
- Nether warts now grow in the overworld and in the end
- A new golden apple that has the recipe before 1.1, but with regen4, and fire and resistance effects
- Pigs now drop 1-3 porks
-Levers can be placed upside down
- Arrows trigger pressure plates now
- Dispensers now release and absorb water and lava source blocks
- Dispensers now dispense minecarts and boats
- Minecarts now can be pushed forward while riding it
- Boats can now break lily pads, speed increased, and turns into boats when broken
- Tnt, Creepers, and firecharges now have knockback effects.
- Creepers strength now is affected by the difficulty level played.
- A cheat option is given at the start of a new world
- New Adventure mode has been added
- New commands for single and multiplayer
- New creative menu
-Searchable items in creative mode
- Middle click picks up all blocks now in creative
- New LAN settings for networks
- F3 now shows feet level
-The end sky has been changed
-Stars look smaller and brighter



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