New Subway Surfers 2017 Gameplay ๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’˜ - Character of Buddy Putting on all 3 Outfits on All Boards




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Published on Dec 14, 2017

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watch New Subway Surfers 2017 - Character of Buddy Putting on all 3 Outfits on All Boards,
Subway Surfers is what is known as an โ€œendless runningโ€ game โ€” that is to say that it only ends when the player fails to make a jump/duck/roll or leap and crashes, pausing long enough to be captured.

The basic game play mechanics begin with the players taking on the role of a teenage hooligan who, upon being caught in the act of tagging graffiti on a metro railway car and site โ€“ because we are sure that that sort of thing happens all the time in Denmark โ€“ is subsequently run down by whatever character applies to the current holiday (in the case of our review play that would be Santa Clause) as they seek to escape by running and/or skating down the tracks.

The Police Inspector (and as previously noted, often his dog) give chase as the hooligan makes their escape run, the idea being that eventually the hooligan (you) will make a mistake, crash into something, and be captured โ€“ because hey, the law must triumph, right?

As they make their escape attempt however, the player is tasked with jumping over or sliding under some obstacles, making long leaps off of ramps, and otherwise performing platform-style Parkour moves while at the same time grabbing and collecting any gold coins that happen to appear on their escape path either in the air or floating just off of the ground, because gold.

Of course they must do that coin collecting whilst simultaneously dodging collision objects like walls, bins, tips, and railway cars as well as an assortment of potentially holiday-related other objects.

In addition to the regular assortment of gold coins there may also be present other special objects โ€” and in particular the objects that are part of the regular โ€œWeekly Huntโ€ event that may result in a special award for the player! There are also collection objects that are used to unlock additional Primary Characters in the game.

To take away some of the sting of your eventual capture โ€“ the game always ends with you being captured you see โ€“ the wizards behind Subway Surfers have added in what we can only define as random power-up objects to help improve your score. These often take the form of some pretty cool kit โ€“ including coin magnets, jet-packs, score multiplier tokens, and super sneakers, just to name a few. Big Kahuna (65K Coins) +2 Special Moves bought w/Keys Bouncer (280K Coins) Special Power = Super Jump Choo Choo (50K Coins) Limited Time Christmas Board Daredevil (856K Coins) Special Power = Speed Up Freestyler (45K Coins) +2 Special Moves bought w/Keys Great White (20K Coins) +2 Special Moves bought w/Keys Hot Rod (280K Coins) Special Power = Speed Up Hoverboard (Starter) Lowrider (320K Coins) Special Power = Stay Low Lumberjack (4K) +2 Special Moves bought w/Keys Monster (30K Coins) +2 Special Moves bought w/Keys Scoot (35K Coins) +2 Special Moves bought w/Keys Skull Fire (75K Coins) +2 Special Moves bought w/Keys Starboard (Gift) x1 Gifted Move / x1 Key Move Sunset (12K Coins) +2 Special Moves bought w/Keys Superhero (8K) +2 Special Moves bought w/Keys Teleporter (220K Coins) Special Power = Zap Sideways Windglider (360K Coins) Special Move = Smooth Drift How to - Play Subway Surfers On PC - Game apps android,ios,tablets,ipad and all smart phones I make game walkthroughs, guides, and compilations on Subway Surfers games, with occasional Mixed Android ios Pc Games videos as well. it is all about Kids Games PLEASE CLICK THE ๐Ÿ””BELL TO GET UPDATES AND DON'T FORGET TO โ–บ SUBSCRIBE! โ–บ https://bit.ly/2UTOwjs


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