World's Largest LEGO Great Ball Contraption at LW 2011





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Published on Feb 21, 2011

GBC (Great Ball Contraption) layout consisting of a record breaking 93 modules at LEGO World, Copenhagen 2011.
The record was set at 15:30, February 17. #GreatBallContraption

A: Maico Arts, Holland
J: Jean-Marc Nimal, Belgium
K: Klaus Hansen, Denmark
L: Lasse Deleuran, Denmark
M: Martin Nygaard, Denmark
T: Trine Jensen, Denmark
S: Steven Alperts, Belgium

Modules (number, description, builder):
1: Red Wheel, J
2: Mill, T
3: Castle, T
4: Tan tripplelift, J
5: Reverse scoop, J
6: Shovel, M
7: Yellow fingers, S
8: Bucket lift, S
9: Star roller, S
10: Pump, S
11: Mini, S
12: Philo, S
13: Snake, S
14: Shinshi Odoshi, L
15: Red wheel 1, L
16: Spinner, L
17: Pirate ship, L
18: Pneumatic lift, L
19: 4 Wheels, L
20: Loco Roco, L
21: Scissors, L
22: Wave, L
23: Stepper, L
24: Sticks, L
25: Cement truck, L
26: Butterfly mill, L
27: Wooden roulette, L
28: Runway, L
29: Tumbler, L
30: Tipper, L
31: Dbl. conveyor, L
32: Tr. Red, L
33: Red wheel 2, L
34: Big bridge, A
35: Dbl. conveyor, A
36: Lift & Tip, J
37: Dbl. yellow X, A
38: Orange vertical conveyor, A
39: Big clickits, A
40: Bionicle, A
41: Reverse scoop, A
42: White runway, A
43: Lime roulettte, A
44: Black runway, A
45: Train, A
46: Yellow tipper, A
47: Ice, A
48: Black conveyor, A
49: Stepper house, A
50: White lift & tip, A
51: Black conveyor, A
52: Lime fingers, A
53: Droid wheels, A
54: Philo, A
55: Lifting bridge, A
56: Blue dual pump, A
57: NXT, A
58: Black conveyor, A
59: Lime pitchfork, A
60: Lime fingers, A
61: Small clickits, A
62: Reverse scoop, J
63: Chain belt, J
64: Ann's purple, J
65: Orange wheel, A
66: Philo, A
67: Lime pump, A
68: Circle, A
69: Mini, A
70: Snake, A
71: Conveyor, A
72: I-beam lift, A
73: Counter, A
74: Slow conveyor, A
75: Roulette counter, A
76: Stairs, A
77: Yellow conveyor, A
78: Small bridge, K
79: Blue conveyor, K
80: Red pump, K
81: Black conveyor, K
82: Red conveyor, K
83: Yellow dbl. steps, K
84: Black stepper, K
85: Yellow stepper, K
86: Gray star roller, K
87: Under conveyor, M
88: Roulette, M
89: Conveyor, M
90: 6 wheels, M
91: Black star, M
92: Black star, M
93: Yellow tipping conveyor, M

Comments • 319

Harry Haefner
Segmented yes... too many parts do don't work in unison.
Now that are many fantastic ideas merged in one great "something" ;)
Stephen Meyer
very very cool.  creative and imaginative
Levi Valåmo
i don't really care how big it is, 70% of it didn't even work :/
BlackeyeI Crekjavika
1:40 Loco Roco :D
BlackeyeI Crekjavika
Xander Xanderpi
It does not work really well ... Too bad!
Alex Tsarapkine
some of it dosn't even work :P
Eso SM
Pity only 50% of the pieces are standard lego pieces, others are set specific pieces. and this has so many motors its really not that impressive. This doesn't compare at all to a decent K'nex ball machine imo
Madhav Raghu
Why is it great ball?
Adam Genez
how did you fit a mindstorms motor on that train at 4:19?
Ádám Zovits
+Adam Genez As far as I can see there is no Mindstorms motor, just a regular 9V train motor that gets the power from the metal rails. The tipping is done by a sloped fence besides the rails that raises the free ends of the buckets so that they rotate along their fixed sides.
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