Skyrim : Killing Ulfric Stormcloak ( Final Imperial Mission )





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Published on Nov 30, 2011

SKYRIM PLAYLIST: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheGamesH...

Yet another The Elder Scrolls V skyrim video.

So this is the final mission of the Imperial "campaign" when you finally kill the Jark, Ulfric Stormcloak.

You get a cool sword from General Tallius and Windhelm becomes Imperial!

Playing on max settings with 4x aa and 12x af.
AMD 1090T @ 3.8GHz
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Antec 902
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WD External 500gb USB 2.0
Maxtor 160gb
Windows 7 Professional 64 bit

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Colonel Sanders
Basic Explanation of the Civil War: Imperials: "pssst we've saved the human race but we have to ban Talos" Rest of the Empire: "Awww ok :( " Imperials: "Don't worry you can still worship him in secret whilst we plan on rebuilding and overthrowing the thalmor" Rest of the Empire: "Yaaay!" A while goes past....and a lone nutter with severe PTSD approaches. Ulfric StormCunt  "I want to be king!! Rargh rargh and worship Talos publicly!!" Rest of the Empire: "calm the fuck down Ulfric be patient!" Ulfric Kills the young king in front of his wife (what a badass..) Ulfric "Im so coooool rargh rarh!!" Galmar Stone-fist (another PTSD sufferer who likes to rip out peoples organs), takes charge of Ulfrics new army of frustrated Nords with tiny penises. The War starts and the Thalmor discover secret Talos worship thanks to StormCunt. Ulfric hides in his racist city,  trying to destroy the Empire his very god created. Empire now has to waste resources trying to quell StormCunts stupid ragefest. Galmar continues his favourite pastime of gutting people, the kings widow grieves and the forsworn start taking advantage of the rather shitty situation. Meanwhile Talos looks on at his dream of a united people, being destroyed by some frustrated beardy cunt who likes to shout a lot and his big hairy gore-loving henchman.
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j0EYH MotiS
It was at this moment Dragonborn came to save Imperials from Aldameri
Colonel Sanders Talos looking on? how brainwashed are you imperial? how much thalmor seven have you swallowed to believe those lies! if this was Canon then the thalmor would exterminate the empire when it best suits then! you are no more than their puppet! they would rule over tamriel and mighty talos would fade under the filthy altmer reign! they would genocide the whole of tamriel! claiming it as their own! the 9 divides would fade as the thalmor would destroy skyrim and all of tamriel! leaving a tamriel where there are only filthy thalmor! all other races even the other elves would be genocided!
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Kevin Kwok
"Skyrim doesn't belong to you, Ulfric." "No. But I belong to her."
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Jagger SA
Daniel Viisanen You spelled General Tullius wrong .
Daniel Viisanen
+Jagger SA it's ulffric stromcunt
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The Angry Ender
TheDarksoul01 finally someone like me
Clout Gang
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So basically join the imperials and help them stop Ulfric so the Empire can prepare for the second war with the Thalmor...or be a little bitch who understands nothing and fight for Ulfric.
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Legendary SSJ Broly AKA Mark Diaz
Ok.... (weird)
Aaron Antonio Sainz Bonilla
+Legendary SSJ Broly AKA Mark Diaz i love you
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Mr. Fish Sandwich
HyPed Gaming He means the civil war
Anime Po
P&WJsmith4liberty but why I only disliked it because that's not even the last mission in Skyrim
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Hamphield D. Phoenix
I tried stromcloack's quest once... ONCE!!!... they are nothing than a bunch of nazis scumbags and fucking hate them... FOR THE EMPIRE!!!...
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Clout Gang
Yep exactly what I expected. Imperials are low testosterone beta males who want to take Nordic homeland
Endfield Tommy
+Itspietertime And your entire proof? Your beliefs, your true love for the empire and that's on only thing true you have, correct?
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JuanmaGames :D
take thath racist cunt ! 
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Marshall Dan
You didn't spell that right, SJW shitbag.
Clout Gang
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Josiah Sawyer
Join the imperials. After all they were only going to kill you for no reason as soon as you start the game
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+Rick Astley Tullius didn't know you weren't on the list though
Rick Astley
Santtu Kopalainen Tullius or one of the higher ups could've overruled that captain and pardon you but nope, they all just watched.
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wow, it's just a game people lol.
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Pharoah Man
We appreciate it nonetheless. It makes the game more worth it knowing that people enjoy years work of creation. People like things, they'll show their enjoyment by taking part in every detail. It's what it's made for!
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Gruffydd ap Cynan
1,469 defeated Stormcloak dogs disliked this.
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Venus -
+Endfield Tommy nice one
Endfield Tommy
+Tlevids Stormcloak dogs die for their master, Imperial dogs sell their master to the Dominion. Checkmate Now who's the traitors now?
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