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Published on Nov 13, 2013

"There are three words that strike terror in the hearts of Wall Street bankers and corporate executives across the land: President Elizabeth Warren. Anxiety over Warren grew Monday after a magazine report suggested the bank-bashing Democratic senator from Massachusetts could mount a presidential bid in 2016 and not necessarily defer to Hillary Clinton — who is viewed as far more business friendly — for the party's nomination." Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks discusses a Presidential bid by Senator Elizabeth Warren.

If you think she should run tell us why in the comment section below.

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Comments • 687

Yor Betters
Yor Betters3 years agoHighlighted comment
Cenk is a pathetic loser.  He looks exactly the same when he was two years old and his mommy snatched a sucker out of his mouth. 
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Sovereign John
+downhilljones Cenk is known to criticise all political parties. Cenk does support some Democrats like Elizabeth Warren but not the entire Democrat Party 
Cenk is a Democrats lapdog! Which is just as bad as being a Republicans lapdog! The "two" parties are one! The only choice offered is the choice of the Military Industrial Complex or the Military Industrial Complex.
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If she runs a campaign based on "Arrest the bankers" she'd win outright in a landslide.
She could be our Angela Merkel! I'd vote for her. I can't wait for Obama's non-sense ass to get of office. So tired of that guy.
Bram Claes
Angela Merkel is one of the most detested figures by the European left. Why the comparison with her? 
 Elisabeth Warren's views are the opposite of Angela Merkel. Due to the economic incompetence of Angela Merkel, European economies are recovering from the bush catastrophe far behind America. If you're too stupid to appreciate President Obama, then you're too stupid to appreciate Elisabeth Warren.
Greg Marat
If Warren is definitely going to run, I will move to the United States and volunteer 24 hours a day 7 days a week until she becomes president.
Don't move here.
Alex Golembeski
If Warren actually ran a strong populist campaign against the big banks and the establishment she would crush whoever she goes up against. It would be a landslide. The one thing the American people have overwhelming (over 90%!) agreement on is that Wall Street is too big and needs to be regulated.
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+ctkle because shes intelligent... and represents the people
+Zhensheng Zhou Why would she be shot?
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Warren can't win you need money to win and nobody with money is going to give her any. People better start getting behind Hillary or we going to have President Chris Christie from the right.
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I think its only 500 million to qualify its just 750million to win.
+MaJieMao Wait, you have to pay 750 million to be eligible? To the government or what? That's news to me.
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Flowing Freely
The fact that the mainstream media is giving this woman attention tells me straight off the bat that she's a harmless (to corporate interests), status-quo candidate who has no intention of ever changing the corrupt system of things as it stands.
+William Faulkner lol, Manchurian Cuntidate?
William Faulkner
I don't think Elizabeth Warren is a Manchurian Candidate.  She seems to complement Janet Yellen very well.  Prof. Warren is a genuine populist.  She will of course do what's necessary to win both in elections and in legislation in the current corrupt system...otherwise she wouldn't be mentioned. 
Marak Lia
I wish we could just get a candidate with some harsh straight talk.. none of the "we must unite this, must fix this, hope for that" ... just a sincere pledge to gather up all the guilty CEO's of banks, big oil and insurance companies and throw their asses in JAIL!
Marak Lia
yes I know who she is... I've been a supporter of hers even before she ran against the douchebag Scott Brown.
Josh Gaines
Hmmm who does that sound like, who is the only one to ever put them on the spot and grill them with all the power vested in her???? Have you done any reading or checked into Warren at all? She IS the person you just 
Liberty Doctrine
Warren voted for the Monsanto protection act and the internet fairness act (pushed by Wal-Mart).  Do you think she represents the people?  hahaha
claude zach
Yes i do.
Obama needed to do 3 things in his time; fix the banking system, start serious progress against global warming & for renewable energy, and universal health care. He outright failed the first, he is getting a D+ on global warming (with time to raise the grade but it doesn't look hopeful), and he gets a C- on health care...a fricking public option should have at least been on the table. Everyone knows Warren will get an A+ on fixing the banks & she seems in touch enough with reality that as the effects of global warming start really hitting the American wallet she will have both the freedom and political will to actually do something significant there. Health care? Will need lots of tweaks by a democratic administration. If GOP finally get an actual a majority in a national election, the clock will be reset on health care which ironically should lead to such a public backlash that we might actually get a public option. So its pretty clear what 4 to 8 of Warren or a no-name GOP candidate would be like. The wild card is Hillary. Would she be the sell out we all fear she could be, would she actually bring the change Obama promised, or would she do a bit of both like her husband? The more I learn about Warren the more confident I get in her.  The more I learn of Hillary the more I get a "well, she would be slightly better then a random tea party fearing conservative" vibe.
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Global warming doesn't exist, so don't worry about it.
G. Lowenklee
My only concern with Warren would be that, like Obama, she's an amateur. How much could she get done, how savvy can she play the game? All the good intentions in the world matter little if she's outplayed and obstructed at every turn. edited ...well, not quite my only concern...I don't know much about her foreign policy and national security stance.
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