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Published on Aug 2, 2012

I ask people at chick fil a some simple questions. At least... I thought they were simple enough, until they tried to answer.

I apologize for the background noise; captions are available (just press the little cc button at the bottom right of the player).

In terms of the name calling, this video was not intended as hard-hitting journalism. It was just something funny for my friends, I never expected so many people to see it. I think the video would have been more effective had I allowed them to speak for themselves. :)

Please comment with your response! I would love to hear from both sides of the issue. Hate speech/derogatory terms will result in your comment being deleted if I see it. Please be respectful.

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Liberals can't stand it when people don't believe and agree with everything they say.
Jake S
Because we want change? You could say the same thing about blacks in the 60-70s. It wasn't wrong for them to protest for their rights, so why is it a big problem when gays do it? And I think you're wrong, over 50% of America is for gay marriage, and willing to support us.
Tony Stark
You think more ppl are supporting the gays, but I'm seeing the opposite....more ppl are getting sick & tired of hearing about it, having it shoved down their throats. Most pea-brain hipsters like yourself have been indoctrinated by public school teachers, hollywood, media...if u grew up on a desert island by yourself, I guarantee you would NOT support gays. Which I find laughable. You're just a mindless drone, like the rest supporting "group-think" causes....gays or other causes. No orgininality
Tony Stark
If gay marriage is such a great idea then why do you need to SHOVE IT DOWN everyone's throats with bullying tactics, name calling, online posting, etc? I grew up in SF, gay capital of the world...I never had a problem with it, UNTIL NOW. I see "group-think" & "mass-media" brainwashing at work. I see MORE BULLYING & MORE HATE coming from liberals than ANY OTHER GROUP!!! Even you showing up to this support to try & make everyone look like fools speaks volumes about how much your life sucks...
Finally, someone who read the bible and didn't just sit through mass being told blasphemy from a corporately owned church. 
craig nightengale
As a Christian I want to take a moment to apologize on behalf of all Christians who have made you or anyone you know feel hated. We are called to LOVE everyone. If Jesus was here on earth he would befriend everyone, including gays. So I just want to make sure all you know that you are so loved. And even though christians and gays may have different views on certain things that does not mean they need to fight and hate each other over it. Never once in the bible does it say to look down on others
omg, major gaydar going off at 1:35
Zainré Fang
I don't give a crap about their positions on gay marriage. I just like good food.
Alex McIntyre
Laughed so hard when that kid jumped out the bushes 5:09
Wicked Games
i have many christian friends that i love so i don't want to undermine their religion because i think it's great. but when some christians like the ones in this video use the bible as an excuse to hate, i just want to yell at them "YOU'RE BASING ALL THIS ON A FUCKING BOOK WRITTEN BY PEOPLE YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT FICTITIOUS STORIES WITH ABSOLUTELY NO BACKING"
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