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Published on Apr 15, 2012

Kung Fu Maintenance demonstrates the KFM method for unclogging clogged condensate drains in refrigerators that are causing water to drip from the ceiling of the fridge.
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We've got a clogged condensate drain line here. Fixed the fan motor, so that's all set. That's the first thing to check for if your fridge isn't working, is to check if the fan motor's stuck.

Now we're going to need to defrost the condensate drain lain so that the water can drain properly and not clog up back there and create ice blockage. Because what happens is down here, you'll get ice blockage. And that'll block the circulation of the air from your freezer down into the fridge.

It's kind of funny that the longer screws go in the front in this particular model. Each model is a little bit different, so this is just giving you the general idea here of what you may be dealing with. This is a frost free refrigerator, so it has a defrost cycle.

Looks like it's started to melt. A little bit of ice down here sometimes forms on the coils. We've got all kinds of ice buildup back here. You can see in the aluminum pan as well as around here. So we're going to chip all this out. You want to be careful.

This particular fridge has all plastic parts, so it's fairly easy to chip this stuff off. On other fridges you may have to take a different method to melt it all out. Because if it has aluminum back there, it's easy to puncture the aluminum. And that may cause you to develop a refrigerant leak, so you want to be cautious of that, careful of that.

To defrost this thing, I used to microwave water and run that, pour that over the defrost once you've got this all chipped out. And it would take forever. Pour it in, and once it got warm, then vacuum it out. And then you repeat the cycle over and over. Pour it in, vacuum it out. Pour it in, vacuum it out.

I got a lot easier way, which is If you have a turkey baster, just to fill that turkey baster. And then squirt that in there. Blast your ice blockage out with warm water or hot water. I can show you an alternate method if you don't have a turkey baster, because I don't have a turkey baster with me all the time and you probably don't have one with you all the time, either.

You want to avoid deforming the aluminum plate back here. It fits out nice and easy and you can see all our ice in there. This is where our condensate drain line is, right here. It's just all plugged in. Break all this out.

Again, you want to be careful not to puncture anything down there. It's one thing to get it done, it's another thing to get it over done. You run this through your garbage disposal, that'll sharpen up the blades. The ice is good for sharpening up disposal blades, bit of a double whammy.

This is our channel here. This actually looks like it's broken apart a little bit. But it's still functional, as long as it maintains its shape, just directs the air down there. Down into the fridge. You want to be careful when pulling these out to avoid breaking that.

If it did break, try to put it back together so that it performs its job function. You can glue them back together if you need to, if you did break one. One like this, it's still holding its shape. It can still do its job.

Now what we're going to do is take hot water and put it down there. Again, if you have a turkey baster, that'll make this a lot easier. I'm going to show you a KungFuMaintenance trick here. What you do is take a water bottle filled with hot water and then take a knife, or I'm going to use my screwdriver, and just poke a hole in the top up here.

Now we're going to squirt the stream. Squirt a nice stream into the drain and I'll use that to squirt it out as if it was a turkey baster. So just aim your stream in there. Squirt it out there.


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