Nazi zombies real life video. black ops/world at war part 1





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Published on Jul 15, 2011

0:24No one will believe what happened to us.
0:28Even I can't believe it...
0:31the chance of winning the lottery is even higher than what happened to us.
0:57Hey Marlon come over to my place! I have to show you something!!
3:30Is that you?
3:33Where are we ?
3:36In a video game, god damn it!
3:40What, which video game?
3:42I don't have any other explanation for it.
3:44I don't know how I got into it. I played this game and suddenly I appeared in this clearing.
3:50It's gotten to you too.
3:52Yeah, I got to this clearing too, but how do we get out?
3:55Don't ask me, the only thing that I know is that the game starts in half an hour
4:00and it's found the last player.
4:08You have to get a weapon.
4:11There's an ammobox in this level, right over there. The first round will start soon.
4:16Wait, wait, what round?
4:19The game we're in is a horror-shooter and those zombies come in waves over and over again.
4:25As soon as you kill the first wave, the second one will appear.
4:29It's a high-score game with no end. That's why I don't know how we can get out.
4:33We just have to survive. One hit from the zombies and that's it.
4:40Game over.
4:43Game over, but there must be a way out?
4:47Wait, can you hear that?
4:52Yeah, it's coming from over there.
5:00Do you hear that noise?
5:02Yeah I'm gonna try another frequency.
5:04Yeah, yeah I think you got it. Turn it up.
5:11If you're hearing this, I'm dead already.
5:13The zombies killed my partner. We made it through the first round.
5:19I have no idea how to get out of this game.
5:23I just know that a tunnel will open somewhere after the second round.
5:27I'll try to get out of this thing.
5:30They are coming!!
5:32Let's find this tunnel...
5:37We have to defend the entry hall in the first round. There are two pillars we can use for cover.
5:45In the first round the zombies will come in from those two windows.
5:53It'll change in the next round and the zombies will enter from here and here.
5:58Then we should fall back to the other room.
6:00And if the guy on the radio is right,
6:02the tunnel will open after the second round and we can get out.
6:47It begins....
7:01Damn, why did you send me that text message?!
7:03What text message?
7:06You wanted to show me something!
7:08I didn't send you that!
8:04We have to fall back!!
8:06There's too many of them!!
8:07I'll cover you!!
10:04Are we outside?
10:06No we're in the next level

Here's a video of a real life story in the zombie world but this video isnt mine, this is part 1 of the story so if you haven't seing part 2 watch it after :D

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Alex Atwell
So much internet cancer.
the scarecrow
Why they didn't made a part3 ;_;
Joshua Fuentes
I love the effect u should of put English title so we can understand u
it is very hard to find this video. Am I right?
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Kevin Salinas
Seem nacht der untotem
F.E.A.R| sgtroebuck456
um what happen to part 2 ??? :( P.s Awesome work
oh yea green screen 
how did u make it look like ur in the fucking map! 
nadim k
the fuck? ;} 
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