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Published on Apr 3, 2012

This movie on Islam and society depicts a non Muslim (Christian, Atheist, Jewish etc.) man trapped with a Muslim Women in an elevator. It challenges the racist ethnic and prejudices of western society and encourage peace between cultures. Should cultural differences trump compassion? Should compassion trump cultural differences? Which is more important to uphold?

ATEO MUSULMÁN PEACE | Religión | Cine cortometraje ISLÁMICO | Detrás de las Paredes | HD (FULL)
المسلم الملحد السلام | الدين | فيلم قصير الإسلامية | خلف الجدران | HD (FULL)
ATEU MUÇULMANO PAZ | Religião | Filme FILME ISLÂMICA Curto | Atrás das Paredes | HD (COMPLETO)
Атеист Мир Ислама Мир Религия Исламский короткометражный фильм За Стеной
무신론자 이슬람 평화 | 종교 | 이슬람 MOVIE 단편 | 벽 뒤에 | HD (FULL)
فضيحة بنت عربيه منقبه مع اجنبي بالمصعد حسبي الله
Случай в лифте: Мусульманка и парень

Comments • 266

Ayman Al-Baghdady
As a muslim This can happen but only if they don't have a piece of cloth at all and if the man's life is in danger then she can do what she just did an other thing Muslim women ARE NOT speechless and they drink water like normal people other thing Muslim woman can go around with NO escort not like some people think Grow up people open your minds
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Triadi Jodikusumo Wibowo
I really appreciate with this video.. But, can you tell this to the maker? 1. We muslim aren't anti-social. We taught that we have to socialize with each other just like our prophet Mohammed did with non-Muslim. 2. We Muslim always use our right hand for doing something good just like drinking, eating, etc. 3. Muslim Women rather show their face than neck or just hide it by look on the ohter side. 4. And Muslim Women will never let the man see her "un-hijabed". She should tell that man to dont look at her because she will take her hijab off to help that man. Or maybe just take that man's clotes.
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jim oneil
Lost illusion :illusion more like delusion you fucking dank.
Juan Manuel
+Amina M Towards little underage girls actually.
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Guntis Kārkliņš
It is propaganda of and no truth. This situation actually is impossible. If women, for religious reason, must wear a hijab in public, she definitely should be escorted by men relative too. In this situation she can't be real Muslim girl, it is masquerade and fake at all.
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Guntis Kārkliņš
I said, if she must to wear. And in western country there are no reason except the forced one. For another case the message of the clip is senseless.
Pamela A. Peña Parco
+Guntis Kārkliņš Man, i'm not muslim, but i can say you that its not a "law" use hijab. A woman can use it as, if she simply don't want, don't use. Hijab is use for them first, because the weather; it was a derivated of their typical clothes made for the sun of day and cold of night. Second; is tradition, like a nun using a veil. And three, some of them see it like a way to not "expose so much", they just are not so open as other societies. For them using a "mini-skirt" is weird for example, but of course, this is their vision. Is like a granny that don't understand new technologies and more, that feel confortable with "decent clothes", etc. Their own view. The people you say that kill women are extremist that even islamic countries see in a bad way. It's like saying that i don't know, all the colombians are in drug because of the narcotrafic, but it is just a minory, the big majorities in that country hate or dislike drug, don't put all the muslim in the same sack
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noratymoon noraty
They really muslims is so good people. Dont gudge on people until talking with them i have friend he is muslim he so good. 
hind albabtain
Muslim and proud....♡
the girl is so beautiful :D
This will never happen in real life, but nice idea to make a viral video...
Saif Khan
Islam is a religion of peace and freedom. We believe in free will. You make your own choices in this life. And depending on how and why you made said choices determines your life in the after life. Islam is a religion. To embrace Islam, and let it be your heart is to be a Muslim. Your culture is your own. You are born with it. You can be of any race or origin and you can be a Muslim. The woman's act was noble, but only as a last resort scenario. He could've used his shirt.
Jason Milton
Islam is a satanic fascist political cult from the deserts of the stone age. Only naive, stupid & gullible people fall for it.
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Jason Milton
+hmm mm The World Bank is the 3rd World Countries debt collector and generator. Its specifically made for funding failed states in the middle east, south-east Asia and Africa. So hiring Indonesian Muslim Women is there way of showing that they "care" about women. Which they could Care Less about muslim women rights or proverty.. Also Indonesian Muslims are the "OK" muslims.. Because they don't force thier shit on everybody or is NOT on an agenda to control the world with Islam.. unlike Arab Muslims..   And last the World Bank is nothing.. Compared to the Real Monetary force of the World.. The IMF. Muslims not allow to lead this bank.. Because you got to be French and Christian.
hmm mm
+Jason Milton LOL. one of three Managing Directors of the World Bank is muslim woman. she's obviously not stupid
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Girly girl
hey there all , sooo ! I am a Muslim girl and I want to make some things clear ,, I really like this video as a Muslim and from a religious point of view , I also wear Hijab , Hijab is about covering your body and wearing descent clothes and covering your hair , what I liked about this video that it showed the real image of Islam cuz after all what the media shows about Islam is terrorism which is not when you dig deeper and not just copy what the media is saying , LIFE is about PRIORITY , saving the mans life took priority over her hijab , cuz as he helped her by giving her water she also helped  him . overall , I really liked this video >  PEACE and LOVE
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