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Published on Dec 26, 2011

Iron Horse (Naihanchin)

Taught at Cobra Martial Arts on Pro-Red and Red Belt (adults) and Black Belt (children).

The kata Iron Horse has been practiced since ancient times and has been known by many names over the years, depending on where it was practiced, ie China, Okinawa, Japan or by Westerners.

Records show that the kata was first developed in Shaolin, China and named Naifanchi. Other names is has gone by over the years include Naihanchin, Tekki and Iron Horse.

The original Chinese word "Naifanchi" can be translated as follows. "Nai" meaning "inside" or "inner" and refers to standing with ones feet turned inward. "Fan" refers to a claw footed animal such as a bear, gripping the ground with its feet and toes whilst maintaining a strong stance. "Chi" in this translation means "soil" or "the foundation you stand on".

The Okinawans later named the kata Naihanchi meaning "Iron Horse". They adopted the kata and its name from a form of martial arts called Hua-Chuan, being one of the main training forms of Tiger Style Northern Shaolin Wu-Shu (Kung Fu). The kiba-dachi stance (horse stance) used in the kata is the main training stance of Northern Shaolin Tiger Style of Wu-Shu.

The Japanese Sensei Matsumura, later renamed the kata "Naihanchin". "Naihan" is the narrow path that runs between rice fields and "Chin" means battle or fight. Matsumura in conjunction with two other Japanese Masters, split the kata into three parts and named the three new kata Naihanchi Shodan, Naihanchi Nidan and Naihanchi Sandan.

In the early 1900s, the man regarded as the 'father of modern Karate', Japanese Master Gichin Funakoshi, renamed the kata "Tekki" ie, Tekki Shodan, Tekki Nidan and Tekki Sandan. He did this for political reasons when Karate was introduced to Japan, from Okinawa; these names being more acceptable to the Japanese. The word Tekki literally means "Iron Horse". In more recent times, newer versions of Iron Horse have been developed and it is one of these hybrid forms that we study at Cobra.

So as a generalised visual interpretation, the name of the kata alludes to fighting in a paddy field, on narrow, treacherous terrain, ensuring to step only on the thin terraces. Stepping off the path would mean being immobilised in the mud, resulting in death. In order to navigate such terrain in the midst of battle, strong footwork and gripping stances were required. The most appropriate stances were the horse and bear, which were practiced and perfected through the kata Iron Horse, until they became as strong and stable as iron.

Cobra Martial Arts & Fitness Centre is one of the few original, long standing and stable martial arts schools in Western Australia, established over 21 years ago in 1991. Martial arts schools are opening up and closing down almost every week in Perth, but Cobra, our family owned and operated, purpose built school, has stood the test of time and is growing stronger and stronger every year, with firm plans already in place for the next 25 years.

Over the past two decades, our highly qualified team, have become experts at helping local people and families with their fitness, health, weight loss, self defence capability, self respect, discipline and confidence. We GUARANTEE to get you into shape and to teach you how to defend yourself and you will also learn some possibly unexpected skills, such as how to achieve your dreams.

Besides the obvious physical benefits of Cobra Martial Arts training, students report constantly, that their life, including home life, family life, work/career and school/education performance, have also improved, as part of the Cobra Martial Arts training process. Improved self discipline and the learning of goal setting skills learned through the program, will help you more than you may realise, in other areas of your life, such as for example, finance and investment.

We have seen it happen to our students every day for over 21 years at Cobra Martial Arts & Fitness Centres. Surround yourself with positive and motivated people, who are achieving their dreams and going places and you will be swept along with us! If it is to be - It is up to YOU! ... email or call me now to book your Private Introductory Start-Up Offer.

Sensei Craig Monie

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