Mitt Romney: Primary Party Concession Speech 01/29/08





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Uploaded on Nov 19, 2008

Mitt Romney
Primary Party Concession Speech
St. Petersburg, FL 01/29/08

MITT ROMNEY: It is time for a change in Washington, and here are some of the things we're going to do. First, we're going to strengthen our families. We'll make sure that every citizen in our country has affordable health insurance that they can't lose, private, free market insurance, not socialized medicine, not Hillarycare. We'll make sure our kids have great schools. We'll treat teachers like the professionals they are, and we'll put our kids first and the unions behind. And to build strong families, we'll teach our kids that, before they have babies, they should get married. So we'll strengthen our families, and we'll strengthen our military. We need more troops; we need better funding; we need better equipment; and we need better care for our veterans. And let's point out, to all those who criticized President Bush, that it's thanks to him that we've been safe these last six years. So strengthen our families and strengthen our military, and finally we need to strengthen our economy. I spent my entire life in the real economy. I know why jobs come; I know why they go. I've been doing business in 20 countries around the world. I've run small business and large business. The economy is in my DNA. Many of the people across our country are worried about their retirement accounts. They wonder if they can pay for the college education of their child. They see their largest asset, their home value, dropping. Some wonder if their job is going to be secure in a new global economy. Americans wonder how they can afford the rising cost of health care, and gasoline, and taxes. These are real challenges. At a time like this, America needs a president in the White House who has actually had a job in the real economy. You see, at a time like this, knowing how America works is more important than knowing how Washington works. The Democrats think that America's greatness flows from our government. They're wrong. The source of America's greatness is the American people. Hard-working, innovative, risk-taking, family-oriented, God- fearing, freedom-loving American people have always been the source of America's greatness, and they always will be. And so the right course for America isn't to strengthen our government, but to strengthen our people. And to do that, we're going to have to change Washington, and change will begin with us. This presidential election in November of '08 is not about yesterday; it's about tomorrow. It's not about re-fighting the battles of the past; it's about winning the future for our children and their children and for America. When you go home tonight, and you go and kiss your son or your daughter before you go to sleep, you can promise them that this generation will meet the challenges of our time, that we'll leave them a stronger America. And you can tell them to dream big, because for the children of America every dream will be possible.

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