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Published on Aug 22, 2012

From creator @bryan_basham, producer of the viral "Death and Return of Superman", comes COPS: Skyrim - the weekly Elder Scrolls equivalent of the long running TV series.

New episodes to air weekly on Wednesdays!

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Check out Real World: Whiterun: http://goo.gl/DRLMF
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Comments • 6,371

vinny bartlett
Anybody still play skyrim cause I still do
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JellManSK _
vinny bartlett i started like a week ago, AWESOME GAME
Alex Skutnick
vinny bartlett who doesnt ;D
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Fud 123
Typical.. Harassing innocent folks when there are skooma dealers right down the road.. Bet they wouldn't have bothered them if they were nords.
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julius ochoa
Kaloyan Traykov hey man argonian lives matter we single handedly drove back the daedra at the black marsh
Matthew Last
Antiluke Gaming I fully agree with your statement. And don't forget the Thalmor, fuck those things!
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1. You're a woman 2. Late at night 3. Milky white shoulders 4. Talking trashy in a "let's go to bed voice" 5. Three gold pieces for a "trip around the world".  BOOM. Airtight case, guilty as charged. I'm goin' on break
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Lt. Tuna
I won't arrest you if you provide your "services" for free
Constantine Vorobyov
Tregeta i always thought it was "showners" for 3 years. I guess it can remain this way..
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Fuhki Shoga
anyone else excited for Skyrim special edition coming out this year?
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Conner Caza
I Want To Die I'm from your future future and I think it's pretty dang awesome
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Yes Its Brutal
Send in the dog. NO NO NO NOT ALL THE DOGS!
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Andrea Hogan
Send in Barbas!
Michael dovan
Yes Its Brutal you know you pick up a bowl by accident
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K Jo
(takes fork by mistake) "You have commited crimes against skyrim and her people!" O_O;
View all 27 replies
took an ashtray in fallout 3 by accident at megaton. murdered on the spot
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Sam Uchiha
I once murdered almost all of the citizens in Whiterun and a bunch of guards, but I only went to jail for 7 days O.O
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Cameron de villiers
Damn, only 3 gold?
View all 6 replies
Giovanni Walls
lol right. wish ot was tht cheap!!
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Guard: sorry sir, I'm going to have to write you for a hunting violation. It's not frostbite spider season Man: but I need the venom for a special healing potion. Guard: If you really need it for special alchemy purposes, you can apply for a special alchemist permit to be allowed to take frostbite spiders out of season. Otherwise, you have to leave them alone at this time of year unless they are attacking you or others or livestock A lot of people who hunt frostbite spiders actually harvest them for their souls, so we've really had to crack down recently on spider poaching. Also, I'll just warn you for this, but you can't use fire spells in the summer for hunting. Man: You can't? Guard: Nope, it's for safety reasons. You could start a major forest fire. Same with shock spells and flame atronochs and fire runes or anything with fire or electricity. If you must use magic to hunt, I'd recommend an ice spike. Puts most game right down, and it's relatively safe. But it would have to be something other than frostbite spiders this time of year unless you get that special permit. Man: Interesting. So what else should I know? Guard: Well, we've lately been writing a lot of people for using staffs where they're not supposed to. Now staffs are a legal method of taking game, but in some individual holds they are banned or restricted for hunting. Same with scrolls conjuration spells. It all depends on your local hold regulations. Also, you can't use magelight for deer or elk because that's considered spotlighting, not that you're even supposed to be hunting them at night anyway. And you can't use Detect Life spells to hunt. Also, shouts, werewolf form, and other "special"types of magic aren't allowed except for a few select species like trolls and wisp mothers. The one major exception to all this is that you can basically kill Spriggans anywhere, any time, and with any method and in any number, since they like to kill hunters. Oh, also, be sure to check regulations to make sure whatever weapon enchantments you use are legal. Most are, but some aren't, like "burning" and "scorching" enchantments because again, anything with fire, not allowed in the warm weather months. Also, poisons are illegal for most game. Also, it is illegal to enthrall or re-animate wildlife for any reason without a special permit. Hope all this helps. If you have any questions, most jarls' stewards are knowledgable about game and fish regs.
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Connor McSaviour
halfway through the comment I was like this is fucking dumb and unfunny, but the last paragraph really saved it for me, that shit was hilarious. not laugh out loud hilarious, but premise-wise
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2:47 "Sir! Imperial Guard!" Clearly wearing Stormcloak uniform. Genius.
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