Mythbusters Moon Landing photo hoax 2





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Published on Aug 28, 2008

Debunking Astronaut in shadow of LEM myth.

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See? shows how easy it is to fake a moon landing DUH
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Marc Barrett
There is an easy rebuttal to all of the arguments that the moon hoaxers use, and that is the Saturn V. 90% of the difficulty of getting humans to the moon is building a sufficiently large and reliable launch vehicle. Having that launch vehicle, the rest is comparatively easy. This is why we haven't been back to the moon: we haven't had a launch vehicle large enough to get humans to the moon since the Saturn V was decommissioned. This is also why the Soviets failed to get there: they had the hardware to land on the moon, but they did not have a reliable enough launch vehicle. The one they developed exploded every time it was launched, with tragic consequences. If the U.S. had lacked the Saturn V, arguments could be made about why the U.S. might try to fake it. But we clearly did have the Saturn V. None of the moon hoaxers have ever tried to claim that the Saturn V launches were faked. They were clearly witnessed by many thousands of people. Once you have a large and reliable launch vehicle -- and we clearly did have it, many thousand of people personally witnessed the Saturn V launches, and even the moon hoaxers aren't crazy enough to claim that the Saturn V launches were faked -- all that is needed is a multi-component spacecraft small enough to fit into the launch rocket, and go from earth orbit to lunar orbit, descend to the lunar surface, meet up again in lunar orbit, and go back to earth. Tricky engineering, but nowhere near the enormous challenges involved in designing a skyscraper-sized rocket that does not explode. The moon hoaxers clearly do not understand engineering at all. None of them -- not a single one -- has ever explained why there would be a need to fake the landings in a studio when the agency clearly already possessed the launch vehicle needed to lift a multi-ton spacecraft from the surface to low earth orbit? Once that capability is in place, it is actually easier to "fake" it on the moon than on the earth!
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Marcos Leitão Chamis
Funny how manny people refuse to to change opinion, even if someone, like the the guys on this video, shows the truth!!! They continue with "NASA paid them to lie" or "they are also from USA, so they have interest on keep the big lie"!!! Even if NASA send someone to the moon tomorow, this people will probably say "They are faking it again to continue with the lie"!!! I don't understand why people have the need for conspiracy theory!!!
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Hypatia Atheiria
if the moon landing had been fake then Russia and china would not have remained silent
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I don't like the term conspiracy theory. The term "theory" in science refers to a conclusion that has been reached after huge amounts of testing, starting with a scientifically testable hypothesis. Conspiracy ramblers just come up with an idea that fits their worldview and draw dicks all over a napkin. Then they modify their argument whenever people prove one part of their belief wrong, because as long as it fits that aforementioned crazy worldview, it doesn't matter what else they think. Can we just call it conspiracy bullshit?
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Jules Dash
Just shows that you can show people facts very clearly and if they are too stupid to understand it they will just continue to be stupid until they die.
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Why does it feel like they are just further proving that moon environment can be artificially recreated on the earth surface?
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Ken's Shaving & BS'ing
Dear All Conspiracy "Theorists", Please eat a bullet. Signed, Everyone Else
I dentity
The fact that the picture taken by Mythbusters looks nearly identicle to the Nasa photo means you dont even need real humans or a big set to create a "Moon Landing"..
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Dylan Page
So when are you going to Bust the collapse of Building 7?
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